Photo by Flow House Bangkok
Photo by Flow House Bangkok

No gyms needed to get your adrenaline going

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Read the following story by Suthivas Tanphaibul from Bangkok Post’s Guru Magazine. Then, answer the questions that follow.

Since the government has eased restrictions for sports venues, many are keen to get back on the fitness track. Besides the gyms, here are alternative venues where you can sweat it out.

Jump Master Skate Haus, 951 Charoen Krung Road

Indoor skatepark Jump Master Skate Haus opened its doors a month ago. The place is fitted with wave banks, giant slopes and a mini pump track. Jump Master Skate Haus opens for private sessions only. Rental fees are priced at B1,500 for up to five skaters and B2,500 per session for up to 10 skaters. There are four sessions each day and each lasts an hour and 50 minutes.

Rock Domain Climbing Gym, 1780 Bang Na-Trad Road

Rock Domain Climbing Gym claims to be Thailand's largest rock climbing gym. This 1,100m² indoor rock-climbing gym features an 11m-high artificial rock wall. Don't worry if you are a newbie at this extreme sport because the gym offers a free one-on-one session with a trainer. The day-pass costs B400 for adults and B300 for children below the age of 18 or subscribe to monthly access with rates starting at B3,350 for adults and B2,750 for children.

Flow House Bangkok, Sukhumvit 26

Flow House delivers ocean waves right in the heart of Bangkok with its wave machine, creating endless waves to sharpen your surfing and bodyboarding skills. Its bar/cafe whips up comfort foods and smoothies and a shop sells surf equipment. The rates start at B690 per hour (Thu and Fri from noon-3pm), or you can enrol in its one-year membership for B3,990, which allows you to surf for three hours at a time.

D-Sports Stadium, 107 Thonglor 10

Located on the 5th floor of Donki Mall Thonglor-Ekamai, D-Sports Stadium is a multi-sport complex/entertainment venue, featuring a variety of sport offerings. Think badminton courts, bouldering areas and a boxing ring, while the highlight of this place is an automatic baseball batting cage. A pass costs B150 per hour.

SUP Station Thailand, Pathum Thani

This weekend, why not book a SUP (stand up paddleboard) session at SUP Station Thailand. Take a sightseeing tour of Pathum Thani on the Chao Phraya River by paddling a SUP board. SUP Station offers two routes to explore the neighbourhoods along the river. The rental fee is B500 for two hours and your four-legged friends are also welcome on board.

*And if you’re in Chiang Mai, check out SUP CNX and their trips along the Ping River.

Section 1: Write the correct answer in the space provided.
1. How long can you skate for at the Skate Haus per session? …………….
2. How much is the first rock climbing lesson? …………….
3. Is B690 the highest or lowest rate at Flow House? …………….
4. Pets are allowed on your SUP. True or false? …………….
5. Which place has the cheapest ticket?…………..
6. Which places have monthly or yearly memberships? …………….

Section 2: Read the following passage. Then, fill in the blanks with the correct words from the choices given.
…7… from all the sports, D-Sports also …8… party and entertainment zones where you can take a break with activities like snooker or arcade machines. …9…, these zones are temporarily …10… .
7. __A. Except             __B. Apart                __C. However
8. __A. offer                 __B. offers              __C. offering
9. __A. Unfortunately        __B. Fortunately           __C. Luckily
10. __A. close            __B. closed                __C. closer
Section 3: Find words that match the following definitions.
11. different from what is usual ……………
12. to produce moisture through your skin ……………
13. not real; fake ……………
14. someone doing an activity for the first time …………

Answers: 1. one hour 50 minutes. 2. free. 3. lowest. 4. true. 5. D-Sports Stadium. 6. Rock Domain and Flow House. 7. b. 8. b. 9. a. 10. b. 11. alternative. 12. sweat. 13. artificial. 14. newbie.

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