Man smashes window, bleeds to death

NAKHON SI THAMMARAT: A man died from excessive bleeding from a cut on the arm at a shrimp farm in Hua Sai district on Sunday morning, police said.

His body was found lying face up in a pool of blood in front of a room in living quarters for workers. He was identified as Somchai Namwong, 35, from Surin province, and a worker at the shrimp farm.

Police and a doctor from Hua Sai Hospital went to the farm to examine the body. A deep cut was found on Somchai's right elbow, which was nearly cut off. A room window had been smashed, and pieces of broken glass were found on the floor.

Mrs Thongthu, Somchai's mother, said that late on Saturday night she heard a man shouting in front of the room and the sound of glass breaking, followed by silence. On Sunday morning, Somchai was found dead in front of the room.

Police learned that on Saturday night Somchai became extremely angry after a quarrel with his wife. He hit the glass window with his hand to vent his anger and the vein on the right arm at the elbow was accidentally cut by the broken glass, causing him to bleed profusely, leading to his death.

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