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Want to promote your business to the world? publicizes a whole load of information related to current and upcoming exhibitions & festivals and comprehensive details of hotels, restaurants, serviced apartments, recreational places, golf courses, international schools and much more with names of places, summarized details, locations, around the clock. More importantly, we add comments from our editors to give greater value to the information.

All these information are distributed throughout and can also be access at and via our Thailand Travel Guide iPhone application.

The difference between the directory information in our Bangkok Post Thailand Guide versus other web search services is that we add much more information than the names of places. Because we also provide photos, maps, prices and services as well as comments from experts, you can be sure that your selections really fit your needs. Moreover, we are currently the only online information service provider in Thailand.

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By being part of our directory means that your information can be access and viewed by more than 60,000 viewers per day. This can be very useful to let a lot of people know about your business or upcoming events.

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You can simply send us some basic information about your company or event and we'll do the rest of the hard work for you. But it you wanted your information to be prominent to the eyes of the world, in spaced shown below, you can contact us to advertise in the premium spots.