Right from its inception on 1 August 1946, the Bangkok Post had a clear vision and determination to inform the public without prejudice while at the same time serving the kingdom and the interests of its people.
For over three quarters of a century, the newspaper has gone through highs and lows owing to the inevitable consequences of repeated economic crises, political turmoil, media disruption, and most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic.



In terms of its social contributions, the Bangkok Post Foundation, formed in 1982, has provided financial support without binding conditions to hundreds of less privileged children throughout the country for kindergarten, primary and secondary school, vocational college and university studies. Many students have graduated and established their careers.


Over the past 40 years since its establishment, the Bangkok Post Foundation has sponsored approximately 3,700 scholarships. The foundation is proud of the students’ successes. Some 370 students have achieved PhDs, Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree with First Class Honours, Second Class Honours and outstanding grades.

Here are some messages from the Bangkok Post Foundation’s scholarship alumni.

  • Miss Ampika Pukam

    Nurse at Tambon Mae Lana Health Promotion Hospital

    "It was the best thing that could have happened in the life of a hill-tribe girl like me. I thought I would not have an opportunity for a higher education I do hope the Bangkok Post Foundation continues to give opportunities to needy students in this developing part of the country."

    Miss Ampika Pukam

  • Mr. Anusorn Pinsuwan

    Civil engineer at the Provincial Waterworks Authority

    "I'd like to thank the foundation. Without their support I would not be able to come to this point in my life. To fulfill the goals of the foundation, I am ready to offer my expertise by giving consultation on engineering and construction."

    Mr. Anusorn Pinsuwan

  • Mr. Nattapum Saengprasit

    Employee at Advanced Contact Center

    "I would like to express my gratitude to the foundation and all those who gave me a chance to stand on my own. This scholarship was the only opportunity I had. If I hadn't received the scholarship, I would end up being a beggar or a lottery ticket seller."

    Mr. Nattapum Saengprasit

  • Mr. Khatawut Wisreethippakorn

    Interior Designer

    "Whenever I have some problems, people from the foundation always from the foundation always suggested what to do. Those suggestions were good motivation. I felt like I want to put more effort on whatever I was doing and I didn't just want to give up easily."

    Mr. Khatawut Wisreethippakorn

  • Mr. Saharat Kluekij

    Employee at CK Power Plc in Laos

    "I'm deeply grateful to the Bangkok Post Foundation, not only for the scholarship but also for the good advice and moral support throughout the years until I finished my degree. I want to give back to society, I want to see other disadvantaged youngsters get the same opportunities I had"

    Mr. Saharat Kluekij

  • Dr. Kalyakorn Wongrak

    Lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Chandrakasem Rajabhat University

    "The funds were a great help. My parents didn't have to pay a baht during my years in unversity. I have come far beyond the dream of a typical country girl. I feel thankful to the people who have supported me and pushed me to this point in life."

    Dr. Kalyakorn Wongrak

  • Mr. Thundron Parkminakom

    Nurse at Sri Nakarin Hospital Khon Kaen University

    "The Bangkok Post Foundation provides scholarship to the less fortunate in society without asking for anything in return. I would like to do the same and give something back to society by providing voluntary nursing care to monks in remote parts of the Northeast."

    Mr. Thundron Parkminakom

  • Dr. Warin Yuyangket

    Neurosurgeon at Buddha Chinaraj Hospital in Phitsanulok

    "The aim of the foundation is good. It gives an opportunty to poor people who may wish to help society but are short of funds. It allows them to use their knowledge to repay society."

    Dr. Warin Yuyangket


Besides helping children in need, the Bangkok Post has reached out to lepers through the Phud Hong Lepers Foundation, founded in 1974.

Over the past 48 years, the foundation has built a kindergarten for lepers’ children, built two fully equipped 60-bed hospital wards, provided equipment for minor operations, built an all-purpose building, coordinated with government authorities in building a reservoir, set up vocational training for patients and their children, and much more.

At present, 105 patients and their family members are officially under the care of the Phud Hong Lepers Foundation.

We will continue our commitment to serving society while keeping our readers abreast of the latest developments at home and worldwide for many years to come.

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You could make a huge difference in a young Thai student’s life by supporting the Bangkok Post Foundation and Phud Hong Foundation.
Please send your bank transfer slip to edmger@bangkokpost.co.th or fax +66 (0) 2240 3666, +66 (0) 2616 4597. Attention: Kusuma Bekenn (Bangkok Post Foundation)