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For the first time ever, globally popular instant noodle brand Nongshim from South Korea announced its collaboration with legendary Bangkok street food chef Supinya “Jay Fai” Junsuta late last year to create a special ramyeon. Under the project Shin Ramyun x Jayfai, Nongshim launched tom yum goong ramyeon available both in soup and dry versions. The noodles are exclusively available in Thailand with a distribution plan in other countries.

Behind this collaboration of two internationally-renowned names is Marisa Chearavanont.

Obviously, Marisa is more than just a pretty face. Wife of CP Group chairman Soopakij Chearavanont and founder of the Chef Cares Foundation, soft-spoken Marisa is committed to promoting and preserving Thai cuisine despite her experiences and background overseas.

With her long-time dedication to make the art of Thai food known internationally, Marisa is this year selected as one of the Bangkok Post’s Women of the Year in the Thai Cuisine Advocate category. This accolade is in celebration of the International Women’s Day which falls annually on March 8.

Prior to the Shin Ramyun x Jayfai project, Marisa spearheaded the Chef Cares project which, back in 2020, provided boxes of professionally-prepared meals to medical staff and healthcare workers at many hospitals across the country amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Featuring food from Michelin-starred and chefs, along with artisan kitchen masters of several nationalities, the Chef Cares project aimed to honour frontline medical workers and reciprocate their heroic efforts through gourmet offerings. The project garnered hugely positive feedback from the public.

A couple of years ago, Marisa joined hands with Jay Fai, bringing the street food chef to showcase the art of Thai cooking in an Italian museum. The presentation not only wowed the crowd but also made foreigners realise that there is more to Thai food than just pad thai, som tum and tom yum goong. Thai cuisine is in fact diverse and has long history attached to it.

After that, Marisa also flew Jay Fai to South Korea to cook her famed crab omelette and other Thai dishes at the Korea Furniture Museum in Seoul. Marisa’s efforts to underscore Thai cuisine as a form of soft power have resulted in a bridge between the iconic chef and Nongshim.

The Shin Ramyun x Jayfai project has no monetary benefits for the Chef Cares Foundation, but that’s not the whole point of Marisa’s contribution. For her, she only wishes to make Thai food known to the world. Today, many Thai consumers have shown their interest in tom yum goong ramyeon. Those in South Korea feel likewise.

“ Marisa joined hands with Jay Fai, bringing the street food chef to showcase the art of Thai cooking in an Italian museum. ”
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