Mrs Artirat Charukitpipat

Over the past two years plus, Mrs Artirat Charukitpipat has helped Bumrungrad Hospital Plc adapt to the demands of the pandemic. She has not only overseen adoption of new technologies but adaptations to the entire medical ecosystem.


Mrs Artirat has transitioned Bumrungrad International Hospital into a leader in medical innovation focusing on Smart Healthcare 5.0 to offer comprehensive healthcare.

Work Experience

Bumrungrad Hospital Plc
  • Position: Chief Executive Officer 2019–Present
  • Position: Chief Operating Officer 2016–2019
  • Position: Chief Administrative Officer 2013–2016
  • Position: Chief People Officer 2012–2013
Vitallife Corp Ltd (A subsidiary of Bumrungrad Hospital)
  • Position: Chief Executive Officer 2018–2021
Vejthani Hospital 2011-2012
  • Position: Chief Administrative Officer
Samitivej Hospitals 2008-2011
  • Position: Medical Support Division Manager
Bangkok Dusit Medical Services 2006–2008
  • Position: HR Special Project Manager
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya 2005–2006
  • Position: Assistant Deputy Hospital Director
National Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd. 2003–2005
  • Position: Central Procurement Manager
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya 1993–2003
  • Position: Pharmacy Manager and MedTrak Implementer
BLH Trading Co, Ltd MSD 1992–1993
  • Position: Medical Representative


M Sc in Management (Human Resource Management) 2007-2009
  • Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration
Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management 2006-2007
  • Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 1985 - 1990
  • Chulalongkorn University

The medical sector has adapted to the demands of the pandemic over the past two years and few more so than Bumrungrad International Hospital Plc, which, under the stewardship of CEO Artirat Charukitpipat, has not only adopted new technologies but an entire medical ecosystem. Bumrungrad stands out as a quaternary care provider, meaning it offers highly specialised, complex and not widely available care using advanced innovations. Some 520,000 people a year — over half of its million-plus patients — hail from one of 190 foreign countries, drawn by its world-class quality and service.

To effectively deal with the pandemic, Bumrungrad has put in place the highest level of monitoring and screening measures for Covid-19, adhering to the country’s national guidelines. The Covid-19 Command Center was set up to respond to the changing daily situation and the Hospital Incidence Command System runs to the same standard as the US Centers for Disease Control.

Mrs Artirat, who is also a trained pharmacist, launched the Bumrungrad Covid-19 Recovery Clinic, the first of its kind in Asia-Pacific, to rehabilitate Covid patients and those suffering from long Covid. The clinic provides holistic care for those whose health remains in a complicated condition despite the fact they have recovered from the disease and tested negative.

The CEO announced her vision of "Shifting the Future of Healthcare" to set the future direction of the hospital.

Seeing these healthcare trends on the horizon prompted Bumrungrad to become one of the first hospitals in the world to invest in the big data management system called Bio Computing Platforms (BCP). This system makes it possible to easily and quickly link a patient's DNA data with the hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The hospital also focuses on personalised prescription medicine or predictive medicine, which involves genetic testing and offers several clinical benefits. Researchers and doctors have studied the relationship between genes and drugs and applied the study results in both the prevention and treatment of diseases.

“Moving forward to respond to an important global healthcare trend, Bumrungrad is determined to be the leader of implementing Smart Healthcare 5.0 to provide holistic medical care for our patients," Mrs Artirat said.

"We will always comply with international standards of safety while extending our services to provide long-term medical care to our lifetime value health partners of all ages for community wellbeing." As such, Bumrungrad is focusing on two medical advances: robotic surgery and genetic testing. The hospital has adopted robotic-assisted surgery, using the so-called da Vinci surgical system to perform operations on multiple organ systems.

The company also provides comprehensive genomic and genetic testing to assess the risks of developing hereditary conditions, as well as to actively prevent some illnesses like cancer and coronary artery disease.

Comprehensive genomic and genetic testing also helps with pregnancy plans and can prevent natal genetic disorders, the hospital said. This information enables it to prevent harmful reactions to certain medications, allowing physicians to choose the most suitable one for each patient. “We thrive to be a Thai hospital that meets international safety standards in delivering healthcare services and the best treatment to every visitor," said Mrs Artirat.

The hospital’s multidisciplinary teams of medical professionals work together to this end, she noted. Bumrungrad’s strengths lie in what she calls the "3C’s and 1W" of quality care: critical care, complicated care, collaboration of expertise and wellness and prevention. The female CEO wants Bumrungrad to become a medical institution that provides an international standard of healthcare for both Thai people and international patients while also offering the highest level of safety and "world-renowned Thai hospitality".

The company also takes its role seriously as a contributor to society. "We do not solely aim to make a profit, as we also take corporate social responsibility into account," Mrs Artirat said.

“ We thrive to be a Thai hospital that meets international safety standards in delivering healthcare services and the best treatment to every visitor. ”