Inês Caldeira

Inês Caldeira, CEO of L’Oreal Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, has played a leading role in shaping the future of beauty in Thailand and the region with "beauty tech" as a driving force.


Inês Caldeira has transformed L’Oreal Thailand into the country's leading beauty tech provider and made the company its number-one e-commerce seller within the industry.

Work Experience

Sept 2018 - present
  • Position: CEO L’Oréal Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Myanmar
Jul 2014 - Aug 2018
  • Position: CEO L'Oréal Portugal
Jun 2012 - Jun 2014
  • Position: General Manager L'Oreal Paris
May 2010 - Aug 2012
  • Position: Marketing Director L'Oréal Paris
Sept 2008 - May 2010
  • Position: Marketing Director Southern Europe Garnier
Sept 2006 - Sept 2008
  • Position: Marketing Director Garnier Portugal
Sept 2004 - Sept 2006
  • Position: International Project Manager Garnier
Jul 2001 - Sept 2004
  • Position: Product Manager L'Oréal Paris


  • Nova School of Business and Economics - degree in economy

L’Oreal - women of the year

Technology is redefining all industries, including beauty and cosmetics. Leading cosmetic company L’Oreal is at the forefront of brands that use the power of technology to create revolutionary beauty experiences.

Inês Caldeira, CEO of L’Oreal Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, has played a leading role in shaping the future of beauty in Thailand and in the region — with "beauty tech" as a driving force.

Indeed recently, she announced that the company is on course to become the most preeminent beauty tech company in Thailand.

L’Oreal has achieved major advances in customer engagement and seen substantial growth in the digital arena after the firm’s pioneering expansion into online services and personalised virtual experiences through beauty tech innovations.

Ms Caldeira reinvented the beauty experience for Thai consumers by implementing more than a dozen beauty tech tools all data-driven and powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).

“Many consumers are now getting to know our brand primarily through digital. And one thing they realise is that beauty is not just about your external appearance but also how it makes you feel. People like the experience of using beauty. At L’Oréal Thailand, we are now creating those very experiences as well as much excitement in the virtual world,” said the CEO.

The company's success likewise owes to an approach described by Ms Caldeira as transformation "multiplied x4". This entailed taking L’Oreal Thailand's e-commerce business to the very top of the country's beauty tech industry in a period of only four months.

The result has been much acclaim and recognition, including at the Thailand Digital Excellence Awards 2021 in the category of Thai Digital Champion for Go to Market Reimagination.

Ms Caldeira also has been instrumental in bringing AI/AR experiences to the Thai beauty market.

Notable among them is Spotscan from the La Roche-Posay programme. The innovative AI-based technology scans clients’ facial appearance through photo submissions, then automatically provides personalised acne diagnoses and skincare recommendations.

While most Thai consumers are concerned about acne and skin imperfections, only 10% of the population can afford to see a dermatologist. Hence, observes Ms Caldeira, this initiative stresses L’Oréal’s key principle of supporting a broad segment of society.

Another pioneering L’Oréal service is its recently launched Virtual Try-On tool providing customers with an online version of quintessential in-store experiences. Hundreds of cosmetics and hair-colouring products from major brands such as L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline, YSL and Giorgio Armani are available online for clients to peruse and purchase with a level of detail and support similar to that available at stores.

“We've developed a tool that allows you to try products virtually and to check, through facial recognition, the effects on your skin. And you can only imagine how brilliant this was for consumers when the stores were closed, since they could continue buying make-up without leaving their house or office,” the CEO said.

To enhance the company's digital sales force, during the pandemic period Ms Caldeira accelerated digital upskilling for staff with more than 20,000 hours of learning focusing on frontline retails skills and e-Beauty advisement — by doing so fully offsetting losses due to shopping mall closures and thus contributing to significant market share gains.

Moreover, under her leadership L’Oréal Thailand has made a historically high level of donations, more than 300 million baht to 60 non-profit organisations in support of Covid-19 relief efforts in addition to assistance for underprivileged communities.

Ms Caldeira was appointed managing director for L’Oréal Thailand on September 1, 2018.

Her role was later expanded to cover Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. She joined L’Oréal Thailand after four years as country manager for L’Oréal Portugal where she was the first female and youngest person to attain the position.

Over the course of her now 20-year career with L’Oréal, jMs Caldeira has been undertaken three international assignments; played a development role at company headquarters; and directed operations in Spain for four years during challenging economic times. She joined L’Oréal Paris haircare in Portugal as a marketing trainee, before moved to Paris itself as project manager for Garnier Development Marketing International's Asian market team, later being promoted to Europe zone marketing manager in Portugal then general manager for L’Oréal Paris in Spain. In all of her management positions, she has put strong financial skills to use towards increasing turnover and profitability while also launching new products and developing iconic brands.

“ Under her leadership, L’Oréal Thailand has made record donations, amounting to over 300 million baht, to 60 non-profit organisations in support of Covid-19 relief efforts in addition to assistance for underprivileged communities. ”