Celebrating visionaries and inspirational leaders

Once again, the halls of the Bangkok Post resonate with the thrill of honouring brilliance and innovation within the corporate sphere. In our steadfast commitment to recognising exceptional leadership, we take immense pride in presenting the "Bangkok Post CEO of the Year 2023" awards.

Building upon our tradition of acknowledging trailblazers who have reshaped industries and ignited change, this year’s awards pay homage and extend applause to chief executive officers and top leaders for their unwavering guidance, transforming ordinary companies into beacons of success, progress and inspiration.

The awards encompass a diverse array of categories, each representing a facet of the dynamic business world. From visionary strategies to transformative leadership, these accolades spotlight not only corporate triumphs but also the remarkable contributions these leaders have made to society and the economy at large.

As we venture into a new era with 14 distinctive awards, each winner’s captivating story will be told, illuminating why they captured the public’s imagination and admiration. Their narratives, achievements, innovative strategies and contributions that propel their organisations into the future will be spotlighted in the days ahead.

To mark the “CEO of the Year 2023” announcement, Bangkok Post is from today launching a series about awarded CEOs on every working day, showcasing their achievements, business strategies, and inspirational visions both in the print edition and on our website.