You could make a huge difference in young Thai student’s life by supporting the Bangkok Post Foundation (BF). Established in 1982 with an initial funding by the Post Publishing Company Limited of a sum of Baht 500,000.- , this Foundation has so far provided 2,677 scholarships to needy Thai students and orphans and has helped to rebuild a school that was completely destroyed when Typhoon Gay devastated southern Thailand in late 1988. When Tsunami swept through some provinces in southern Thailand in 2004, the Foundation has also provided scholarships to 35 orphans whose parents were killed or missing. In 2012, the foundation also helped rehabilitate seven schools in the central region that were flooded.

For more information, please contact

Donation: Khun Kusuma Bekenn
Mobile: +66-(0)81-900-4922

Scholarship: Khun Prapaiparn Rathamarit
Mobile: +66-(0)81-622-5155

How to donate

1. Bank Transfer to “Bangkok Post Foundation”
Saving Account No. 218 026 7441, Bangkok Bank, Sunthornkosa Branch
Please fax bank transfer slip to +66-(0)2-240-3666, +66-(0)2-616-4597
Attention: Khun Kusuma Bekenn (Bangkok Post Foundation)

2. Send a cheque payable to “Bangkok Post Foundation”
Attention: Khun Kusuma Bekenn (Bangkok Post Foundation)
Bangkok Post Bldg, 136 Sunthorn Kosa Road, Klong Toey, Bangkok 10110

3. Donors living outside Thailand can easily make donations through this link