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Vocabulary sorted alphabetically - "K"

  1. K-pop - Korean popular music เพลงป้อปแบบเกาหลี

  2. kaem ling - (from Thai) monkey cheeks, i.e., areas into which floodwaters can be drained and stored

  3. kamnan - the head of a tambon, a group of villages กำนัน

  4. kangaroo court - whether they have committed a crime or not ศาลเตี้ย

  5. kaolin - a soft white clay ดินขาว

  6. kapok - a soft white material used for filling cushions, soft toys, etc. นุ่น (จากต้นนุ่น)

  7. karet - caret; a unit for measuring the weight of diamonds and other precious stones, equal to 200 milligrams กะรัตเพชร

  8. karma - a belief in Hinduism and Buddhism that the way in which you behaved in past lives affects your present life, and the way in which you behave in this life will affect your future lives กรรม

  9. kayak - to travel using a kayak, a light canoe in which the part where you sit is covered over เดินทางด้วยเรือแคนูขนาดเล็ก

  10. kayak - a light canoe in which the part where you sit is covered over เรือแคนูขนาดเล็ก

  11. keel - the long piece of wood or steel along the bottom of a ship, on which the frame is built, and which sometimes sticks out below the bottom and helps to keep it in a vertical position in the water กระดูกงู (เรือ)

  12. keel over - (of a ship) to roll on its side

  13. keen - very interested in an activity สนใจอย่างยิ่ง

  14. keen - very interested, eager or wanting (to do) something very much สนใจ, ใจจดใจจ่อ

  15. keen-eyed - someone who is very good at noticing things

  16. keenly - in a way that involves strong or deep feelings or awareness

  17. keep a close eye - to watch closely

  18. keep a close eye on - to watch closely ดูอย่างใกล้ชิด

  19. keep a low profile - to try not to attract attention ลดบทบาท

  20. keep a secret - to not tell a secret ไม่เปิดเผยความลับ

  21. keep abreast of - to make sure you know all the recent and most important information about something ติดตามสถานการณ์

  22. keep afloat - to cause a business to continue to exist คงอยู่

  23. keep alive - to cause to continue to exist คงอยู่

  24. keep an eye on - watch เฝ้าดู

  25. keep an eye out - watch เฝ้าดู

  26. keep an open mind - willing to listen to or consider new information before deciding something

  27. keep at bay - to keep under control ควบคุม ไว้ได้

  28. keep at bay - to prevent a problem from having a bad effect

  29. keep cool - to remain calm in a difficult or dangerous situation ใจเย็น

  30. keep heads down - maintain low-profile; don't draw attention to yourself; keep quiet; don't do things to make people see or notice you; remain inconspicuous

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