Malaysia to stop using Sinovac

Foreign workers wait to receive a vaccine at a factory in Malaysia, on July 8. (Reuters photo)
Foreign workers wait to receive a vaccine at a factory in Malaysia, on July 8. (Reuters photo)

Malaysia's health ministry on Thursday said the country will stop using the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine once its supplies end, as it has enough other vaccines.

Malaysia will mostly use the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine, health minister Adham Baba said.

Malaysia has secured about 45 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, enough to cover 70% of the population, compared to 16 million doses of Sinovac's shot, officials said.

The announcement to stop using Sinovac comes amid increasing concern over its efficacy against new and more contagious variants of the coronavirus.

Indonesia is considering a booster shot for those who received the two doses of Sinovac.

Other vaccines approved in Malaysia include those of AstraZeneca, China's CanSino Biologic, and the  vaccine of Johnson & Johnson.

With 880,782 cases and 6,613 deaths so far, Malaysia has one of Southeast Asia's highest per capita infection rates, but also one of its highest inoculation rates, with about 26% of its 32 million population receiving at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

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  • announcement: a spoken or written statement that informs people about something - การประกาศ
  • booster (noun): something that gives extra strength - สิ่งที่เพิ่มกำลังหรือความแข็งแรง
  • concern: interest or worry - ความสนใจ, ความกังวล
  • contagious: of a disease that can be caught by touching someone with the disease or a piece of infected clothing - ซึ่งแพร่กระจายได้ง่าย
  • efficacy (noun): the ability of something to produce the results that are wanted ความมี - ประสิทธิภาพ, ความสามารถ, สมรรถภาพ
  • inoculation (noun): an act of protecting a person or an animal from catching a particular disease by injecting them with a mild form of the disease - การฉีดวัคซีน,
  • per capita: per person, for each person - ต่อคน, รายหัว, ต่อหัว
  • secure (verb): to get or achieve something - ได้มา
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