Google sees major shift in Thai searches

Internet giant Google has identified Thailand's three main consumer trends, based on their web searches in 2022.

The three trends -- identity and lifestyle, economic circumstances, and finding ways to create joy -- were identified in Google's "Year in Search 2022 – Thailand" report.

According to the report, the first identified trend is called "soul searching".

After three years of changes brought on by the pandemic, Thais are embracing diverse identities, it said.

As a result, search interest in "equal marriage" surged by 800%, while search interest in "LGBTQ" shot up by 110%.

The second trend is called "value hunting". Thais are reassessing what they consider to be of value and paying attention to economic trends and the rising cost of living, as search interest in "inflation" surged by 140%.

In addition, they are making decisions more carefully, as search interest in "pay later" rose by 100%.

The report said trust in a brand is another factor that consumers take into consideration, with search interest in "trustworthy" rising by 30%.

According to the report, the third trend is termed as "finding joy", in which Thais are finding ways to treat themselves and looking to make up for lost time by revenge spending, leading to a 110% increase in search interest in "barbecue restaurant near me".

Search interest in "golf course near me" rose by 80% and intent to travel internationally has risen, as search interest in overseas tours grew by 100%.

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  • circumstances (noun): facts or conditions that affect a situation - เหตุการณ์แวดล้อม
  • diverse (adj): including people from many different backgrounds; very different from each other - หลากหลาย
  • inflation: a general rise in the prices of services and goods in a particular country, resulting in a fall in the value of money - เงินเฟ้อ
  • joy: a feeling of great happiness - ความสุขสันต์,ความสุขสำราญ
  • reassess: to think again about something to decide if you need to change your opinion of it - คิดทบทวนใหม่
  • revenge: something that you do to hurt or punish someone because they have hurt you or someone else - การแก้แค้น
  • soul: the spiritual part of a person or thing - วิญญาณ
  • surge (verb): to move forward together very quickly - เคลื่อนเข้ามา
  • trend: a new development in clothing, make-up, etc - แนวโน้ม
  • trustworthy (adj): when people believe someone/something can be trusted; to believe someone is honest, fair, and reliable - เชื่อใจ, ไว้วางใจ
  • value (noun): the quality of being useful or important - ประโยชน์, คุณค่า,คุณประโยชน์
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