110 cops to be charged over illegal visas

Immigration police officers in Bangkok. (File photo)
Immigration police officers in Bangkok. (File photo)

More than 100 immigration officers are suspected of involvement in the illegal issuing of visas for Chinese investors in so-called grey businesses, the Immigration Bureau (IB) said yesterday.

The IB commisioner said they would be charged with malfeasance and demanding and taking benefits in return for illegal services.

Among the 110 police suspects, there are three police generals and a mix of officers of every rank.

The 110 IB officers were reported to have committed criminal conspiracy by setting up firms that process visa applications for foreigners, especially for Chinese nationals who travel to Thailand with a tourist visa but go on to get non-immigration visas without meeting the necessary business or volunteer criteria, the commissioner said.

Police said these policemen had forged signatures of provincial governors and allowed photo identification for visa applicants during the pandemic even though the law requires applicants to report in person.

According to the investigation, most cases have been found in the northern and northeastern regions. The crimes had been ongoing from mid-2020 to 2022.

Many applicants submitted documents regarding their stay issued by language schools or volunteer foundations as a ploy to extend their visa.

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  • commissioner: the head of a particular police force in some countries - ผู้ตรวจการณ์
  • conspiracy: a secret plan by a group of people to do something bad or illegal - แผนการ การกบฏ  การสมรู้ร่วมคิด
  • criteria (noun): (singular "criterion") a set of standards that is used for judging something or for making a decision about something - บรรทัดฐาน
  • forge: to make illegal copies of something valuable, especially in order to earn money - ปลอมแปลง
  • foundation: an organisation that provides money for things such as medical research or for a charity - มูลนิธิ
  • in person: of meeting a person directly, instead by telephone or some other way -
  • malfeasance: illegal actions, especially by a person in authority - การใช้อำนาจไปในทางที่ผิด
  • ploy: something that is done or said in order to get an advantage, often dishonestly - วิธีการ,แผน
  • rank: someone’s official position in the armed forces, police, fire services, etc. - ยศ, ตำแหน่ง
  • suspect: a person who is thought to have committed a crime - ผู้ต้องสงสัย
  • visa: an official document or mark in your passport that allows you to enter or leave a country for a specific purpose or period of time - วีซ่า, เอกสารอนุมัติที่ประทับตราบนหนังสือเดินทาง
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