Police chief orders seige probe

The national police chief has ordered a full investigation into the 27-hour siege at a house in Bangkok's Sai Mai district, where a mentally disturbed police officer fired his weapon more than 50 times before being shot by a Swat team.

The family of Pol Lt Col Kittikarn Saengbun, who later died in hospital from injuries sustained during the police raid on his house, has also filed a letter requesting an investigation of the siege last Wednesday.

On Monday, the family's lawyer said that the parents of the late policeman want clarification about the events that eventually led to him being fatally wounded at the end of the 27-hour, March 14-15 siege.

Pol Lt Col Kittikarn, 51, was an inspector attached to the Special Branch Bureau. He was shot and wounded by police commandos at noon on March 15.

Reports said that he died in hospital later that day.

However, the late policeman's family believe that police commandos might have used unnecessary firepower.

According to crime scene investigators, there were bullet holes in the back wall next to the window Pol Lt Col Kittikarn had been seen at and more all over the house.

The family has speculated that there was more gunfire than previously thought.

The lawyer said the family had asked police to wait until Pol Lt Col Kittikarn's parents arrived at the scene before storming the house.


  • bullet: a small, metal object that is shot from a gun - กระสุนปืน
  • clarification (noun): explaining something more clearly so that it is easier to understand - การทำให้กระจ่าง, การอธิบาย
  • commando: a soldier trained to attack in areas controlled by an enemy - สมาชิกของหน่วยจู่โจม
  • fatally wounded: receiving injuries which caused death -
  • firepower: the number and size of guns that an army, a ship, etc. has available - กำลังอาวุธ
  • injury (noun): physical damage done to a person or a part of their body - อาการบาดเจ็บ
  • raid: to forcefully and suddenly enter a place to catch criminals or to search for something like drugs - ใช้กำลังเข้าค้นสถานที่หรือ จับกุมคนร้าย
  • siege: a situation in which a group of people surround a building in order to protest about something or to force the people inside to come out - การเข้าห้อมล้อม
  • speculate: to consider or discuss what might happen - คาดการณ์ อนุมาน
  • storm: to use force to enter a place and try to take control of it - บุกกระหน่ำ
  • sustain: to experience, injury, damage, loss, etc. - ประสบกับ (ความสูญเสีย การเจ็บป่วย)
  • unnecessary (adj): not needed; not necessary - ที่ไม่จำเป็น, ที่เกินจำเป็น
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