Election Commission says Move Forward won Sunday's election

The Election Commission (EC) finished its vote counting on Monday morning and announced the Move Forward Party’s victory in the May 14 general election.

The EC said MFP won 112 constituency MPs and 39 list seats, followed by Pheu Thai with 112 constituency MPs and 29 party-list MPs, Bhumjaithai with 68 constituency MPs and 3 list MPs, Palang Pracharath 39 constituency MPs and 1 list MP and United Thai Nation Party with 23 constituency MPs and 13 list MPs.

Of the other parties, the Democrats won 22 constituency MPs and 3 list MPs, Chartthaipattana 9 constituency MPs, Prachachat 7 constituency MPs and 2 list MPs, Thai Sang Chart 5 constituency MPs, Pheu Thai Ruam Palang 2 constituency MPs, Chartpattanakla 1 constituency MP, Seriruamthai 1 list MP and Thai Sang Thai 1 list MP.

The EC said voter turnout was a record 75.22%, surpassing 75.03% in 2011.


  • constituency: a district that elects its own representative to parliament - เขตเลือกตั้ง
  • Election Commission (EC) (noun): the independent government agency that oversees elections - คณะกรรมการเลือกตั้ง
  • MP: member of parliament - สมาชิกรัฐสภา
  • party-list: a system that gives each party in an election a number of seats in relation to the number of votes its candidates receive - ระบบสัดส่วน, ระบบปาร์ตี้ลิสต์
  • turnout: the number or percentage of eligible voters who vote in an election - จำนวนผู้ออกมาลงคะแนน
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