Malaysian woman missing in Chiang Rai

Malaysian woman Angie Chong Sum Yee, 22. (Photo supplied)
Malaysian woman Angie Chong Sum Yee, 22. (Photo supplied)

A search has been launched for a young Malaysian woman whose mother says has been out of contact since sending photos taken during a visit to the border town of Mae Sai in Chiang Rai province.

She fears her daughter may be in danger.

The mother's Facebook message in Chinese and English was posted on Friday along with pictures sent by her daughter, Angie Chong Sum Yee, 22.

The mother said her daughter travelled to Chiang Mai alone by air on May 29. Her daughter took pictures of various places in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and sent them to her.

The last pictures she took and sent to her were from Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, a border town opposite Myanmar's Tachilek.

She said her daughter had been out of contact since sending the pictures from Mae Sai.

Immigration and tourist police have contacted Myanmar officials at the Tachilek checkpoint.

They were asked to check security camera recordings to see if the young Malaysian woman had crossed the border to Tachilek, where there are many large casinos and business complexes where many people from Thailand and other countries work.


  • casino: a building where gambling games, especially roulette and card games are played for money - บ่อนการพนัน
  • checkpoint: a place where people are stopped and questioned and vehicles are examined, especially at a border between two countries - ด่านตรวจ
  • complex: an area that has several parts - พื้นที่ประกอบด้วยส่วนต่าง ๆ
  • danger (noun): the possibility of something happening that will injure, harm or kill somebody, or damage or destroy something - อันตราย, ภัย, ภัยอันตราย
  • immigration: dealing with people entering and leaving the country - การตรวจคนเข้าเมือง
  • various: several different - หลากหลาย, ซึ่งแตกต่างกัน
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