Colombians arrested for luxury home break-ins

Police arrest three Colombian nationals on charges of theft. (Photo supplied / Sutthiwit Chayutworakan)
Police arrest three Colombian nationals on charges of theft. (Photo supplied / Sutthiwit Chayutworakan)

Three Colombian nationals - two men and one woman - have been arrested for a string of burglaries at luxury houses in Samut Prakan and nearby provinces.

Alexandro Pulido, Henry Bogota and Ms Maricela Hernandez were wanted for theft, police said.

They were arrested in Pathum Thani province on Wednesday. Seized from them were a Toyota Vios with Chon Buri licence plates, two Prachuap Khiri Khan licence plates, burglary tools, banknotes worth 32,700 baht and banknotes in foreign currencies.

The arrests followed a report of a home break-in at a housing estate in Samut Prakan on Aug 29.

Police inspected the scene and found that a safe in a bedroom on the second floor of the house had been forced open. Some 200,000 baht in cash, 500 US dollars, 50,000 rupees, gold necklaces, gold rings and a diamond necklace worth about 500,000 baht were stolen.

Security camera footage showed that the gang had broken into another house that same night. On Sept 2, the same gang had also broken into two other houses in Samut Prakan.

They had been staying in a rented house in Chonburi province.

On Wednesday, investigators learned that the gang was planning another home break-in in Pathum Thani province. The officers arrested them and found they had burglary tools and other items.

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  • break-in (noun): an entry into a building, car, etc., using force, usually to steal something - การบุกรุกเข้าไป (เช่น บ้าน, รถ, ที่ทำงาน)an entry into a building using force, usually to steal something
  • burglary (noun): the crime of entering a building illegally and stealing things from it - การบุกเข้ามาขโมยของในอาคาร/บ้าน
  • currency (noun): the system of money, usually, but not always, that a country uses - เงินตรา
  • housing estate: an area containing a large number of houses or apartments built close together at the same time - หมู่บ้านจัดสรร, บ้านจัดสรร
  • licence plate: a flat piece of metal or plastic on the front and back of a vehicle that shows its license number - แผ่นป้ายทะเบียนรถยนต์
  • safe: a strong metal box or cupboard with a complicated lock, used for storing valuable things in, for example, money or jewellery - ตู้นิรภัย, ตู้เซฟ
  • seize: to take something using official power and force - จับกุม
  • string: a series of similar or connected events that happen one after the other - การเรียงต่อเนื่องของเหตุการณ์หรือสิ่งต่างๆ
  • theft (noun): (the act of) dishonestly taking something which belongs to someone else and keeping it - การลักขโมย
  • tool (noun): a thing that helps you to do your job or to achieve something - เครื่องมือ
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