Police suspect suicide in model's death

Prawrawee “Yoko” Sahatthatphong (Photo: Nattawadee Tanataweewong Facebook account)
Prawrawee “Yoko” Sahatthatphong (Photo: Nattawadee Tanataweewong Facebook account)

Police believe that the death of Prawrawee “Yoko” Sahatthatphong, a 28-year-old motor show model, was due to suicide, after a cyanide bottle and a suicide note were found at the scene.

Prawrawee was found dead on Nov 1 last year in her Ekkamai condominium.

The autopsy showed that she died from cyanide poisoning.

Many pieces of evidence found in her room pointed to suicide, including a bottle of cyanide and antidepressant medication that had been consumed by the deceased.

Police said the suicide note written at 8.56am was addressed to her boyfriend.

The note was found on her phone, as was an online search history for cyanide.

However, Prawrawee’s mother was sceptical about the death of her daughter, citing an unusual 33-minute gap in her condominium’s CCTV footage as well as her “normal” appearance despite being diagnosed with depression.

She was suspicious of Prawrawee’s boyfriend, who was able to enter her room and whom she had never met before her daughter's death.

Regarding the suspicious time gap between Prawrawee entering the condominium's elevator at 6.43am and the sight of her walking along the hallway at 7.20am, police said that the gap was explainable.

However, the information cannot be revealed to the public just yet.

Meanwhile, the CCTV footage did not show any sign of any individual entering the deceased's room at the time of the suspected suicide, police said.

Police said they are ready to answer all questions about Prawrawee’s death, but more time is needed for investigators to provide a full conclusion.

The chairman of the Help Crime Victims Club said there were 15 suspicious points in the case.

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  • antidepressant: a drug that helps people with depression; can stop their very sad or depressed condition -
  • autopsy: a medical examination of a dead person’s body to find out why they died - การชันสูตรศพ
  • conclusion: a final decision - การสรุป การตกลงขั้นสุดท้าย
  • cyanide: a powerful poison that can kill people -
  • deceased: dead - ซึ่งตายแล้ว
  • gap: a space or opening in the middle of something or between things - ช่องว่าง
  • individual: a person considered separately rather than as part of a group - บุคคล
  • poison: a substance that causes death or harm if it is swallowed or absorbed into the body - ยาพิษ
  • poison (verb): to put poison in or on something - วางยาพิษ
  • sceptical: having doubts about something that other people think is true or right - สงสัย
  • suicide: the action of deliberately killing yourself - การฆ่าตัวตาย
  • suspect: to believe that something is true, especially something bad - สงสัย, เป็นที่สงสัยว่า
  • suspicious: a feeling that someone or something cannot be trusted — - มีความสงสัย, ด้วยความสงสัย, สงสัย, พิรุธ
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