Rama II Road blamed for Hua Hin's decline

An elevated road under construction above Rama II Road in 2022. (Bangkok Post file photo)
An elevated road under construction above Rama II Road in 2022. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has ordered the Transport Ministry to speed up the construction along Rama II Road, after an online survey found congestion along the road is putting tourists off the resort town of Hua Hin.

The survey, launched by the popular Facebook page “Paksabuy” last week, asked netizens to pick a reason behind the continued decline in the number of tourists visiting Hua Hin.

While many picked expensive accommodation and the nation’s poor economic recovery, congestion along Rama II Road topped the list of reasons for the town’s decline.

Traffic congestion has long been a problem along Rama II Road, which is one of the main roads which connects Bangkok to the South. The construction of an elevated highway along Rama II Road has seen delays and fatal accidents, worsening traffic jams along the road.

“The government will expedite the construction [along Rama II Road] as the delay has caused problems to motorists and business operators. Pollution from the construction site has also impacted the people’s health,” Mr Srettha posted on X on Monday.

The Transport Ministry, meanwhile, said it will speed up the construction to ensure minimal disruption ahead of the Songkran holidays.

The deputy governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan said Hua Hin is still popular with both Thai and foreign visitors, especially on the weekends.

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  • accommodation: a place for someone to stay, live, or work - ที่พัก
  • blame: to be responsible for something bad - เหตุขัดข้อง
  • congestion: a situation in which a place is crowded with people or vehicles - แน่นขนัดไปด้วยรถหรือคน
  • decline: to become less or worse - ลดลง
  • disruption: a situation in which something cannot continue because of a problem - การขัดขวาง, การหยุดชะงัก
  • elevated: raised above the ground, or higher than the surrounding area - ซึ่งอยู่ในระดับที่สูงกว่าสิ่งอื่น
  • expedite: to make something happen quickly or easily - เร่ง
  • fatal: causing someone to die - ถึงตาย
  • governor: a person who is chosen to be in charge of the government of a state or province or a government agency - ผู้ว่าการรัฐ, ผู้ว่าราชการจังหวัด
  • netizens (noun): people who use the Internet a lot - พลเมืองเครือข่ายคอมพิวเตอร์
  • pollution (noun): contaminated, when something has been made dirty, poisonous, unpleasant to see or smell and possibly dangerous to health - การทำให้เป็นมลพิษ, การทำให้สกปรก, ภาวะมลพิษ, สภาวะมลพิษ, มลภาวะเป็นพิษ, สภาพเป็นพิษ, ความสกปรก
  • recovery (noun): the process of becoming normal and healthy again - การฟื้นตัว, การฟื้นฟู
  • survey: the act of asking for and recording information - การสำรวจ, การหาข้อมูล
  • worsen (verb): to get worse, to make worse - เลวลง, แย่ลง, ทรุดลง
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