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Photo courtesy of Amazon Prime Thailand
Photo courtesy of Amazon Prime Thailand

Amazon Prime Video is bringing 13 films and series to viewers at home and abroad

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Read the following story by Tatat Bunnag from Bangkok Post’s Life section. Then, answer the questions that follow.

Amazon Prime Video is ready to launch its "Unbox Thai Entertainment" campaign, with 13 exclusive Thai films and series. The "Unbox Thai Entertainment" campaign features film, TV and even concerts.These productions will be available for Prime Video members in Thailand, with a weekly release schedule from October to December. Here’s a list of the shows you can look forward to from now until the end of the year.

Kitty the Killer

Follow Dina, a trained assassin, and her alliance with Charlie, an ordinary office worker. Betrayal, assassins and the legacy of the Grey Fox Guardian collide in an action-packed war.

PP Krit Lit & Glitter

Relive PP Krit's performance in this recording of his first fan meeting concert, featuring special appearances by industry stars.

Ghost Rookie

Win, a newbie ghost, and Faglai, a beautiful ghost, join forces to save Faglai's shrine from vanishing into the afterlife.

Grammy x RS: 2K Celebration Concert

Experience the collaboration between Grammy and RS artists in this recording of the second GMM RS Concert.

Coin Digger

Bank, Get and Jane embark on a fight with a powerful financial institution using cryptocurrency, revealing the ruthless world of digital money.

The X-treme Riders

Siblings Kla and Fun find themselves with a transnational mafia using MMA as a cover for drug trafficking. Betrayals, complicated alliances and the fight for survival ensue.

The Office Games

Follow Alice and Mest as they navigate the business world, selling financial products, dealing with office politics and striving to succeed.

Congrats My Ex!

Risa, a struggling wedding planner, accepts an Indian wedding project only to discover that her ex is the groom. With the help of another ex, she embarks on a journey of love, laughter and discovery.

3 Idiot Heroes

Ngern, Thong and Nark set out to find weapons to defend their village. Obstacles and unexpected challenges emerge in their quest.

Curse Code

Ake must unravel ancient family curses by solving mysteries across six landmarks in Bangkok, leading to a haunted grave.

Grammy x RS: HIT 100 Concert

The final instalment of the GMM RS Concerts features a collection of greatest hits from Grammy and RS, spanning four decades of Thai music.

My Undercover Chef

Detective Marwin goes undercover as a chef in a restaurant used by drug dealers. His mission takes an unexpected turn when he meets Khing, a YouTuber, who becomes both a challenge and an ally.

The Adventures Of Rung

Join Joy and Ricky on a treasure hunt adventure as they race to find missing puzzles, leading them to hidden treasure.

Section 1: Choose the correct answer.

1. Which show is set in a restaurant? …………….

2. Which show involves a race? …………….

3. Which show has a wedding? …………….

4. Which show is about members of the same family? …………….

5. Which show’s content covers 40 years? …………..

6. Which show is set in the Thai capital?  …………….

Section 2: Read the following passage. Then, fill in the blanks with the correct words from the choices given.

Since Prime Video …7… in Thailand last August, one of its …8… has been to offer special content for the Thai audience. This content …9… the Thai language, culture and sense of humour, and could reach a …10… audience.

7. __A. begins             __B. began              __C. begun

8. __A. goals                     __B. wins                  __C. plan

9. __A. reflect                __B. reflects              __C. reflection

10. __A. globe            __B. Earth               __C. global

Section 3: Find words that match the following definitions.

11. a plan to achieve a goal  ……………

12. limited to only one person or group of people  ……………

13. a list of the times when events are planned to happen  ……………

14. a person who kills someone for money  …………

Answers: 1. My Undercover Chef 2. The Adventures Of Rung 3. Congrats My Ex! 4. The X-treme Riders 5. Grammy x RS: HIT 100 Concert 6. Curse Code 7. B 8. A. 9. B. 10. C. 11. campaign 12. exclusive 13. schedule 14. assassin

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