Coronation Programme

The Royal Coronation Ceremony is divided into three parts. The Primary Royal Ceremony includes preparation of the sacred water, inscription of the golden tablet, and crafting of the Royal Seal of State. The coronation ceremony, including the crowning and investiture, takes place from May 2 to 6. The majestic events will be capped in October 2019, by the Final Royal Ceremony featuring a Royal Barge procession to Wat Arun Ratchawararam for the annual kathin ceremony.

Programme for the Coronation

April 8-9

Consecration of water to be used in the coronation ceremony in every province.

April 18-19

Consecration of purification water at Wat Suthat Thepphawararam.

April 23

Inscription of His Majesty the King’s full ceremonial styles and titles on a golden tablet or Phra Suphanabat.

May 3

The Phra Suphanabat is brought into the Grand Palace, signaling the start of the coronation.

May 4

Coronation rites: purification bath and anointment; the crowning and investiture; formal declaration of the King's faith and willingness to become the Defender of Faith; homage to the royal ancestors and bedding ceremony.

May 5

Blessings for the new royal titles and circumambulation of the capital.

May 6

An audience with the public and foreign dignitaries. The date is declared a public holiday in commemoration of the coronation.