EV trade-in scheme being considered

Industry Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit is stepping up efforts to make a car trade-in proposal a New Year gift to Thais as part of measures to increase car sales, which turned sluggish during the pandemic.

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20 Nov 2020

Switch to electric vehicles could 'end oil era': analysis

PARIS: Emerging markets switching from petrol and diesel engines to electric vehicles (EVs) could save $250 billion annually and slash expected growth in global oil demand by as much as 70%, an industry analysis showed Friday.

20 Nov 2020 44
The end is near
14 Nov 2020

Excise to study reworked EV taxes

The finance minister has ordered the Excise Department to study the excise tax structure on electric vehicles to promote industry development and lower the price of EVs.

14 Nov 2020 6
Lowering EV prices
6 Nov 2020

Nissan to unveil plan for 2021

Yokohama-based Nissan Motor Thailand is devising a new business plan for 2021 after it upgraded a local production line with a 10-billion-baht investment, following an earlier decision to end production of three car models here.

6 Nov 2020 4
Nissan to unveil plan for 2021
6 Nov 2020

Ford sales plummet, production resumes

Ford Thailand, the production and distribution arm of US-based Ford Motor, has seen car sales over past 10 months dive 40% to 21,800 units from last year, but remains optimistic about future prospects after production fully resumed in response to the improving Thai auto industry.

6 Nov 2020 5
5 Nov 2020

BoI grants perks to EV manufacturers

The Board of Investment (BoI) chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Wednesday approved a fresh privilege package for electric vehicles (EVs) following the expiration of the previous package in 2018.

5 Nov 2020 1
5 Nov 2020

VW to turn island into green mobility hub

Volkswagen AG will launch a pilot project for climate-neutral mobility on the Greek island of Astypalea, in the eastern Aegean sea, as part of the German automaker's efforts to roll out electric vehicles and curb emissions.

5 Nov 2020 2
VW to turn island into green mobility hub
4 Nov 2020

Govt unveils fresh tax breaks for electric vehicle makers

The government has approved a slew of new incentives covering electric cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and ships to promote local production of electric vehicles (EV) and its supply chain.

4 Nov 2020 2
Govt unveils fresh tax breaks for electric vehicle makers
3 Nov 2020

Supercharging an EV hub

The Thai government wants to consign the name "Detroit of the East" to history as it looks to diversify beyond conventional automobiles to build a regional electric vehicle (EV) hub.

3 Nov 2020 2
Supercharging an EV hub
30 Oct 2020

Mitsubishi banking on V2X to tout PHEVs

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand wants to seek new business opportunities based on its "V2X" concept, using plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) to alert households to smart electricity management.

30 Oct 2020 1
Mitsubishi technology