Special Report
22 May 2022

Judicial precedent 'needed' to prevent coups

Today eight years ago the military toppled the Pheu Thai Party-led government. Former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva shares his thoughts on those who can prevent another military coup.

22 May 2022 81
Judicial precedent 'needed'
17 May 2022

Public split on pension payout

While some believe Social Security Act changes will help relieve economic hardship, others say it creates an unnecessary financial burden.

17 May 2022 15
Public split on pension payout
8 May 2022

A treacherous lot

The next few months could be the most politically treacherous time for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha although toppling him and cutting short the life of his administration may be easier said than done.

8 May 2022 59
A treacherous lot
1 May 2022

Argy-bargy on wages

While the government is aware that the daily minimum wage is insufficient and plans to restructure production processes, it has yet to take the issue seriously.

1 May 2022 40
Argy-bargy on wages
24 Apr 2022

More than just a mango

The recent craze over mango sticky rice had Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha mulling ways to harness Thailand's cultural influence abroad.

24 Apr 2022 72
More than just a mango
18 Apr 2022

Doubt raised over labour plan

While some 600,000 Thais remain unemployed, the government has approved a plan to bring in about 170,000 additional migrant workers as requested by businesses yearning for manpower as they resume operations.

18 Apr 2022 29
Doubt raised over labour plan
17 Apr 2022

Rainbow of hope loses its lustre

Despite recommendations by the UN Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review of the need to promote gender equality in Thailand, authorities are still yet to afford LGBTQ citizens the right to marry and start a family.

17 Apr 2022 100
Rights hampered
16 Apr 2022

Songkhram River threat

Development projects and agrochemicals are threatening the ecology of the Songkhram River -- the last free-flowing river in the Northeast.

16 Apr 2022 27
River threat
15 Apr 2022

Activists battle to save beaches from sea dykes

Projects to construct sea dykes to ease beach erosion carry on despite evidence showing they are not constructive or effective, environmental activists say.

15 Apr 2022 29
Saving beaches
3 Apr 2022

Grassroots fault govt help

Strugglers welcome assistance measures but want more than the 10 measures set out so far.

3 Apr 2022 4
Grassroots fault govt help