Special Report

Passion for solving water problems pays off

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great spent decades trying to combat the twin crises besetting Thailand: droughts and floods.

Passion pays off
4 Dec 2020

Scholar sees chance to sue NCPO

A law professor will look into whether it is possible to file a suit for damages from former members of the now-defunct National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).

4 Dec 2020 29
Suing NCPO
30 Nov 2020

Reform urged to end school abuse

Sexual abuse can be prevented by not only reforming the justice system to make it fairer for victims, but also educating youngsters and those around them.

30 Nov 2020 51
School abuse
22 Nov 2020

Smart City project a source of conflict

The row over a plan to purchase land as part of a "smart city" project has raised questions about the way the state spends taxpayer money on land expropriation.

22 Nov 2020 24
Source of conflict
16 Nov 2020

Landless villagers get homes, but must protect Ranong mangroves

Authorities have reached an agreement with a landless community that will allow villagers to live in a mangrove forest if they help protect the area, a unique collaboration that could work across the country, land rights groups said.

16 Nov 2020 8
Landless villagers get homes, but must protect Ranong mangroves
8 Nov 2020

Min Buri to get shot in the arm

Min Buri, a district on the edge of Bangkok, is known as a green area -- a former paddy zone in a low-laying plain with plenty of canals and nature.

8 Nov 2020 14
Min Buri to get shot in the arm
1 Nov 2020

Academics, politicians divided over path to unity

Key politicians and academics offer their views on how the conflict can be resolved, or at least eased.

1 Nov 2020 40
Path to unity
1 Nov 2020

Cutting costs for a higher standard

How rice farmers benefit from German non-profit.

1 Nov 2020 6
HIgher standard
27 Oct 2020

Young believe 'information war' already won

Student protesters believe era of state censorship is over as questions are asked over role of police force.

27 Oct 2020 27
Information war
25 Oct 2020

Govt struggles with 'tech-savvy' protesters

The government is struggling to deal with demonstrators who make the most use of information and communication technologies and social media platforms in their campaign,

25 Oct 2020 35
Govt struggles with 'tech-savvy' protesters