Special Report
24 Feb 2021

Garment workers in Tak receive full compensation after wages expose

Migrant garment workers in Tak province who were illegally underpaid while making products for major brands have received all the wages owed to them after theme park operator and film producer Universal Studios agreed to pay the outstanding amount.

24 Feb 2021 6
Garment workers in Tak receive full compensation after wages expose
21 Feb 2021

Cave discovery rekindles hidden gold tales

Deep in the mountain of Sukhothai lies a cave with a system of chambers that could trigger a renewed treasure hunt for Japanese wartime gold.

21 Feb 2021 25
Cave discovery
15 Feb 2021

Civil Partnership Bill hits roadblock

The Civil Partnership Bill is facing a hiccup as government whips once again questioned its necessity and requested another round of focus group interviews.

15 Feb 2021 15
Civil Partnership Bill
14 Feb 2021

Confidence debate a scorcher, MPs say

The opposition parties expect the upcoming no-confidence debate to bring the government to its knees while academics believe a cabinet reshuffle may follow.

14 Feb 2021 24
Confidence debate
8 Feb 2021

Future cloudy for Myanmar expats

As a result of a military coup in Myanmar on Feb 1, many migrant workers in Thailand say they are reluctant to go back home, but a student said he and his friends are determined to study and return for the betterment of their homeland.

8 Feb 2021 3
Future cloudy
8 Feb 2021

Muscling in on male territory

Driving trailer trucks is one of the better-paid jobs which have survived the Covid-19 pandemic and more women have been getting behind the wheel.

8 Feb 2021
7 Feb 2021

Pension drama didn't have to happen

Buan Losuwan got the shock of her life when an official letter arrived on her doorstep demanding the return of more than 80,000 baht of pension payments she had received over the years.

7 Feb 2021 4
Pension drama didn't have to happen
31 Jan 2021

Myanmar workers help in virus fight

Myanmar migrant workers and monks have volunteered to help relieve pressure on Thai public health workers in Samut Sakhon -- an epicentre of the new wave of Covid-19 in Thailand.

31 Jan 2021 1
Myanmar workers help in virus fight
25 Jan 2021

BioThai slams wet market closures

The government must not resort to preferential treatment when it comes to enforcing orders to close wet markets as part of Covid-19 containment measures, says the BioThai Foundation.

25 Jan 2021 17
Market closures slammed
24 Jan 2021

It's time for a rub-down

Facing the impact of the coronavirus, business owners and employees of massage palours and gyms said they were more concerned about making ends meet than the disease itself.

24 Jan 2021 37
Still struggling