Special Report
15 Apr 2021

Never too old to get physical

The elderly in Din Daeng district are aware of research which suggests that exercising in their middle age is likely to keep them in good health for many years to come.

15 Apr 2021 17
Never too old
27 Mar 2021

Medical hub lends more than a hand

Nine years ago, Amaraphon Ong-at-itthichai, a 59-year-old senior nurse working at the Friendship Therapy Centre of Panyananthaphikkhu Chonprathan Medical Centre in Nonthaburi's Pak Kret district, wondered why many near-recuperated patients became unhappy at the prospect of being discharged from the hospital.

27 Mar 2021 1
Medical hub lends more  than a hand
23 Mar 2021

Rights chief optimistic despite UN cold shoulder

Acting chairperson is hopeful that the NHRCT's efforts to improve will be recognised after it was downgraded on concerns over its deficiencies.

23 Mar 2021 12
Rights chief optimistic
21 Mar 2021

Holding those behind the haze to account

Covid killed 61 people in 2020, air pollution an estimated 14,000. As Chiang Mai again wins awards for world's worst air, new data confirms corn is the biggest culprit.

21 Mar 2021 92
Whose haze?
14 Mar 2021

Gearing up for a muted Songkran

Tourism operators and workers in major tourist provinces believe the government's proposed plan to allow the Songkran festival to go ahead could help revitalise the economy.

14 Mar 2021 45
Muted Songkran
7 Mar 2021

Patpong 'on its last legs'

The vivid lights of Patpong Road are slowly ebbing away as many bars and clubs cannot keep their heads above water.

7 Mar 2021 117
Patpong 'on its last legs'
28 Feb 2021

Cops 'still buying top positions'

The Royal Thai Police needs a major overhaul to tackle the long-standing problem of position buying among police.

28 Feb 2021 71
Positions for sale
28 Feb 2021

Klity Creek lead cleanup stumbles

The first phase of the cleanup in Klity Creek only started in 2017 and authorities are looking for a company to embark on the second phase of the work, likely to start this year.

28 Feb 2021 3
Cleanup stumbles
24 Feb 2021

Garment workers in Tak receive full compensation after wages expose

Migrant garment workers in Tak province who were illegally underpaid while making products for major brands have received all the wages owed to them after theme park operator and film producer Universal Studios agreed to pay the outstanding amount.

24 Feb 2021 7
Garment workers in Tak receive full compensation after wages expose
21 Feb 2021

Cave discovery rekindles hidden gold tales

Deep in the mountain of Sukhothai lies a cave with a system of chambers that could trigger a renewed treasure hunt for Japanese wartime gold.

21 Feb 2021 25
Cave discovery