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No laughing matter

Re: The "10" cartoon that featured Simone Biles (Opinion, July 31).

I consider the content of that cartoon extremely vicious.

Cartoonists who mock mental issues are treading on dangerous ground.

I am not an American citizen.


Cooperation the key

Re: "Media urged government to revise order", (BP, July 31).

Six local media organisations made a threat to step up legal and social pressure on the government if it refused to lift what they alleged were restrictions on media freedom.

I must say that I was really annoyed when I read it. They should cooperate with the government for the benefit of the country.

These people have no love for our kingdom except for themselves. There are good and bad people in the media. Does the public think it is about time the government does something to these bad elements and get rid of them from the media?

We, the public, have been bombarded with "fake news" and information causing public fear across all media platforms designed to undermine the government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. I have no love for politics and do not wish to get involved in it. But our country will be a lot better with good quality politicians!


Govt needs to focus

Re: "A tortuous but successful journey", (BP, July 28).

This story highlights the nightmare of travelling during the pandemic to Thailand or any other country. The paper or certificate pollution, the quarantine, the cost, and unnecessary isolation are the reasons why people will think twice before travelling. We are witnessing the collapse of the gigantic travel towers created by Thailand for supplanting its GDP. It is time that government focuses more on human resource development catering to other sectors.

Moving forward, the government should revamp other sectors focused on promoting productivity growth, investments for worker training, management training, reforming education and new technology adoption and innovation.


Section needs tuneup

Re: "Get back into gear", (PostBag, July 29).

Pongtorm got it right when he said the Bangkok Post should find a decent replacement for Richard Leu in the motoring section. His incisive reviews of car models on the local market and candid recommendations ("Bye or buy") were of immeasurable value and are sadly missed when trying to make a purchase decision.

It may not even be overstating to say that his frank reviews provided guidance to local manufacturers to evaluate where they stood regarding the competition and so were nice pieces of industrial development policy.

Rehashing reviews of foreign supercars like the Post did last Friday (Aston Martin's Valhalla for £600,000-£700,000) is of little value to your readership.

So, once again: get a competent local motoring editor who does not mince words in testing and reviewing the local car market, irrespective of any pressure from the motoring lobby.


Vaccine debacle

Re:"Half of US Pfizer doses for frontliners", (BP, July 31).

A clear demonstration from the government that they are not taking the shortage of vaccines seriously.

To allocate 5,000 doses for research and to put 40,000 in reserve for future outbreaks at a time when people are desperate for first jabs is a crime and mismanagement of the highest order.

On the other hand it could be the government's way of hiding the real use for those 45,000 doses.

It's disgraceful.


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