Asean solidarity

Re: "Asean juggles triangular power game", (Opinion, April 9).

Asean foresees and expects tougher times and unpredictable circumstances ahead.

However, solidarity plays a crucial role in Asean's diplomacy with other powers by providing the organisation with a unified voice and great negotiating strength.

It fosters regional integration within this organisation, strengthening economic ties, cultural exchanges, and political cooperation.

Acting in solidarity contributes to Asean's credibility and influence in its dialogue with big powers.

As Asean is the central diplomatic forum in Southeast Asia, solidarity serves as a cornerstone of regional diplomacy, enabling it to navigate complex geopolitical dynamics at the continental and global levels.

Ioan Voicu
Changing behaviour

On the need for various SET reforms as published in various biz articles, I wish to contribute the following.

Thai SET and SEC have many good rules in place, but the lack of enforcement is the real problem.

Identify and then punish SET brokers and marketing officers via fines for clear violations. And if justified, ban them from trading or say, black-list rogue speculators/traders who abuse/violate the rules.

In Phuket, there is a busy tunnel underpass, which is a bit narrow and clearly states, "no motorbikes allowed".

Yet just about every week, there is an accident in this tunnel, almost always due to a motorbike crashing. Then the whole tunnel shuts down, sometimes for hours, along with a huge traffic jam.

However, the police never seem to be there to fine the offenders (foreigners as well).

So this sad saga continues week after week for 2-3 years already!

The tunnel closed, and huge traffic congestion again and again -- all because violators do not get fined. And the tragedy continues.

Fine offenders and you get near instant change of behaviour.

Paul A Renaud
Gaza war letters

Re: "Historical context", (PostBag, April 13).

PostBag column has published letters condemning the Jews for the Gaza war.

The pro-Palestine protests in the world use the same arguments as these PostBag contributors, ie, the Jews occupied Gaza for the last 75 years, a Palestinian territory.

This statement is a lie, and it is about time the truth be known!

The fact is there is no occupied Palestinian territory. In 1947, the UN divided the British mandate into two parts: one for Israel and one for the Palestinians. Israel accepted the start of the Israeli state.

However, I know it is difficult to accept the truth when this doesn't confirm with pre-conceived opinions, as people in general are too lazy to inform themselves and like to wallow in the warm mud with the other ignoramuses.

Apologies accepted

Re: "Friendship tested", (PostBag, April 12).

For the record, Eric Bahrt's apologies in that letter are accepted.

Although my mother tongue is not English, I am educated enough to know the difference between the word "hypocrite" and the word "self-serving hypocrite".

Translating in Thai, the first word means "fake gentleman in a suit", and the second being fake for personal gains.

Criminal defamation existed in England until it was abolished in 2009 and the aggrieved can only rely on a civil action. But in Thailand the aggrieved can still rely on both actions.

Anyhow, in our case, all's well that ends well!

Songdej Praditsmanont
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