Giffarine ups healthy picks

Giffarine ups healthy picks

Giffarine Skyline Unity Co, a wholly owned Thai direct sales firm, will increase its range of food offerings in a bid to widen its customer base and drive sustainable sales growth in the long term.

New snacks and drinks will be added to its portfolio in the rest of year, with a focus on nutritious products to respond to growing demand from health-conscious people, said president Nalinee Paiboon.

The company will launch mixed-nut crackers this week, along with healthy drinks. Seasoning products will also be introduced via its direct sales network next month. The wider product range is intended to help Giffarine appeal to a larger customer base.

The company aims for sales from food and beverages to increase from 10% of total sales at present.

"We don't just need to extend our product line, but also the strategy and methods used for our direct sales business," said Mrs Nalinee. "We will no longer compete with direct sales companies, but instead with retail and online shopping outlets."

Since 40% of Giffarine's sales representatives are under the age of 35, the company will focus on expanding its business via digital channels.

As part of its online marketing push, Giffarine will launch a mobile application next month to support its representatives.

The company projects that its number of representatives, totalling 7.3 million in 2015, will increase by 120,000 people this year. It will allocate 150 million baht for marketing activities in a bid to boost its sales to grow by 3-5% this year to over 5 billion baht.

For its business abroad, Giffarine also plans to expand its direct sale business into Vietnam and Indonesia.

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