Honda Connect geared for better safety

Honda Connect geared for better safety

The Honda Connect system is available for certain models at local dealers.
The Honda Connect system is available for certain models at local dealers.

Honda Automobile Thailand has launched the Honda Connect app to provide connectivity between drivers and cars for enhanced confidence and safety.

Honda models compatible with the mobile platform include Brio, Brio Amaze and BR-V (2016-17); City, Jazz, Mobilio and Odyssey (2014-17); Civic and CR-V (2012-17); Civic Hatchback (2017); HR-V (2015-17); and Accord (2013-17).

Hybrid cars (Accord Hybrid, Civic Hybrid, Jazz Hybrid) and imported cars (Freed, StepWGN, CR-Z) are ineligible for Honda Connect.

Honda Connect can be installed in cars at all Honda dealers nationwide from Jan 9 for 5,900 baht, which includes free installation and a free two-year mobile network connection for data transmission.

Chief operating officer Pitak Pruittisarikorn said the Internet of Things is increasingly permeating every aspect of people's lives, and Honda is committed to developing IoT-integrated automobiles to increase motorists' trust and encourage a collision-free society.

Honda Connect uses smart telematics technology to control remote information transmissions through a smartphone application, as telematics control unit (TCU) systems are installed in Honda vehicles.

The TCU collects key data and transmits it via a mobile network for cloud-based data storage and processing, while a GPS solution provides precise tracking of the vehicle's location.

Drivers will immediately receive alerts or notifications from the Honda Call Center.

"[The system] is integrated with a host of key features including car status, driving behaviour data and an emergency call service in case an unexpected incident occurs," Mr Pitak said.

"We aim to satisfy tech-savvy customers who desire a sense of security and safety when driving, based on our findings on driving behaviour and people's lifestyles in Thailand and abroad."

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