Mitsubishi Electric Thailand believes in manpower and invests more in people development
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Mitsubishi Electric Thailand believes in manpower and invests more in people development

Although a leading technology-driven company, Mitsubishi Electric group believes in human capacity as a true catalyst for business growth and success, making the company, at 50 years old, one of the longest-established international companies in Thailand.

“Mitsubishi Electric always puts great emphasis on advanced technology development and creativity, to make change possible and make things better for the global community in line with our corporate vision ‘Changes for the Better’,” revealed Ryoji Ando, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

“Technology is essential to our success but we also realise the great power of our people.

In fact, we believe that the company is its people, and cannot grow without their growth. That’s why we always treat our employees as members of our family. We encourage them to take advantage of better opportunities in both their professional and personal lives. Currently, we have over 20,000 employees working at our affiliates and subsidiaries across Thailand.”

“Although an affiliate to a parent company in Japan, we manage and operate with Thai rules. We have only 150 Japanese employees in Thailand and most managerial-level staff are Thai. Certainly, we do introduce Japanese principles and know-how, but only to control quality in compliance with Japanese standards.  When it comes to general administration or operations, we encourage our employees at all levels to perform and improve their skills and knowledge as this will further help them grow, develop their career path and be an effective part of the company’s operation.”

Explaining Mitsubishi Electric’s core policy of people development, Krit Thongnak, General Manager, Human Resources & Administration, said: “Under Mitsubishi Electric’s culture, we respect for our employees and try to make them happy in their work with us. We create a favourable working environment and offer them fringe benefits. More importantly, we offer them opportunities to improve themselves in terms of knowledge, skills, thinking, and mindset. We have a number of special programmes and workshops where employees at all levels participate based on their ability and interest. One of the highlights is our Asia Pacific Training Programmes that is world-class. It’s specially designed for the most talented employees in the Asia-Pacific region. We also have on-the-job training where Thai employees get hands-on experience in each business unit of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Japan. Besides, there are many more training programmes available to support our employees.”

Akrapol Kao-Utai, Deputy General Manager, Human Resources & Administration, added: “Mitsubishi Electric’s ultimate goal is to always be changing for the better. We want our people to be a part of those changes for the benefit of their growth both professionally and personally. Mitsubishi Electric people are also instilled with a sharing spirit, ethics, and strong will to make things better for themselves and others. At Mitsubishi Electric, opportunities always open for those who want to improve their work, their life, and their mind. Therefore, Mitsubishi Electric is a workplace for self-development and growth, both physically and spiritually.”

With a clear vision and strong belief in manpower, one of our group companies in Thailand; Siam Compressor Industry Co., Ltd. won the Thailand HR Innovation 2017 Award from the Thailand Productivity Institute, Personal Management Association of Thailand (PMAT) for its excellent performance and commitment to people development that has made it an employer of choice in Thailand.

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