Cafe Amazon branch planted in Muscat

Cafe Amazon branch planted in Muscat

PTT's first Japanese Cafe Amazon outlet in Fukushima prefecture, Japan.
PTT's first Japanese Cafe Amazon outlet in Fukushima prefecture, Japan.

PTT Plc has opened the first branch of Cafe Amazon in the Middle East in Oman's capital, Muscat.

The opening was made through wholly owned PTT Oil and Retail Business Co (PTTOR), in partnership with Oman Oil Marketing, a fuel retailing arm of Oman Oil Co.

PTT president and chief executive Tevin Vongvanich said the group is confident of its market presence in that region with the first cafe.

PTT will award an authorised business operator to market the cafe shop brand among fierce competition with other global rivals.

After the first shop opens, PTT aims to study local market behaviour such as coffee tastes, food products, shop decoration and market atmosphere before making future decisions on the number of branches in the Middle East.

Cafe Amazon and Jiffy convenience stores are part of PTT's non-oil business. Cafe Amazon has expanded significantly over the past four years, both at home and abroad.

As of August, PTT has 2,557 branches of Cafe Amazon. Of those, 2,389 shops are in Thailand.

The other 168 branches are sprinkled across Japan, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Oman and the Philippines.

The next overseas branch will open in China this year as PTTOR is very keen on building a market presence in that country after recently opened a representative office in Shanghai, PTTOR China Co.

PTT expects to expand 2,300 branches of Cafe Amazon by 2018 and 4,000 by 2023, covering 14 countries.

The business model of Cafe Amazon can take many forms: wholly owned investment, joint venture or franchise. Branches are located both in petrol stations and stand-alone cafes.

Cafe Amazon recently opened a drive-through branch on Rama II Road.

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