AIS seeks fatter revenue slice for enterprise

AIS seeks fatter revenue slice for enterprise

Big data is one of the emerging technologies set to grow exponentially by 2020. AIS's vision is to be the leading digital life services provider.
Big data is one of the emerging technologies set to grow exponentially by 2020. AIS's vision is to be the leading digital life services provider.

Largest mobile operator Advanced Info Service (AIS) is counting on enterprise business to generate 15% of total revenue in 2019, up from 11% this year, as enterprise services and solutions see growth driven by cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Revenue from AIS's cloud computing and IoT services more than doubles yearly because the digital transformation in the country means enterprises are dealing with rapid changes in customer behaviour.

According to chief enterprise business officer Yongsit Rojsrikul, enterprise is generating S-curve growth for AIS's revenue stream as mobile service for consumers grows more slowly, typically 4-5% a year.

AIS's revenue from consumer mobile service is about 120 billion baht, while enterprise contributes 14 billion baht.

Of total enterprise revenue, more than 70% is from mobile service, 20% from fixed broadband service via fibre-optic network and 10% from cloud and IoT services and solutions.

"IoT services in the country are just in the early adoption stage and keep growing; meanwhile, cloud computing is in the growth stage and becoming massive for enterprises," Mr Yongsit said, adding that AIS's enterprise business has a 70% share of the large enterprise market and a 40% share of the small and medium enterprise market.

AIS chief executive Somchai Lertsutiwong said enterprises have to run their operating processes with a better understanding of customers through the use of big data and innovation.

"Over the past five years, digital disruption has dramatically affected the way we live and do business," Mr Somchai said. "Data is the most important resource and backbone to shape people's lifestyle."

He said AIS's vision is to be the leading and most-trusted digital life services provider.

AIS's enterprise business is backed by the strengths and personnel of the group, including CS Lox Teleinfo Media and Rabbit Line Pay, as well as partnerships with global IT companies such as Microsoft, G-Able, SAP and VMware for providing a full range of business including network, digital infrastructure, cloud, IoT, ICT and digital platform.

"AIS is ready to enter into partnerships with all enterprises and industries, taking them to the next level through a digital ecosystem," Mr Somchai said.

A total of 70 projects are in AIS's IoT-driven pipeline this year.

Speaking at AIS's Digital Future 2019 yesterday, Ajay Sunder, Frost & Sullivan's vice-president for digital transformation in Asia-Pacific, specified eight global trends that will shape the future of enterprises.

He said the eight are empowerment of IoT through 5G; increased automation and legacy modernisation; commoditisation of augmented and virtual reality; an unprecedented rise in video and digital content; cognitive analytics; XaaS (everything as a service) redefining goals of modernisation; digitisation of consumer support; and Asia-Pacific as the strongest region.

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