AIS first to demonstrate 5G using 26GHz

AIS first to demonstrate 5G using 26GHz

AIS began 5G demonstration testing on Thursday at Emporium, working with telecom gear maker Nokia.
AIS began 5G demonstration testing on Thursday at Emporium, working with telecom gear maker Nokia.

Mobile leader Advanced Info Service (AIS) kicked off its 5G demonstration testing on the 26GHz spectrum on Thursday, the first in the country, after receiving the green light from the telecom regulator.

AIS's 5G demo tests were set up at a booth at Emporium, in collaboration with telecom equipment maker Nokia.

Second-ranked mobile operator TrueMove, through subsidiary TrueMove H, plans to launch its 5G demo tests on the 28GHz range at Iconsiam in December, teaming up with partner Huawei Technologies.

On Thursday, the board of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) officially approved AIS's and TrueMove's proposals to test 5G from Nov 22 to Dec 15.

NBTC secretary-general Takorn Tantasith said the permit for 5G testing is just the first round of testing. Operators can request an extension from the NBTC for the length of the testing period.

Approval for the next consideration can only be permitted by the NBTC chairman, not by the full board.

After testing, operators must report their results to the NBTC, including effects on other communications systems.

Weerawat Kiattipongthaworn, chief corporate officer of AIS, said the 5G demo tests will allow people and companies to experience the new technology for the first time in Thailand at "5G the First Live in Thailand by AIS", a free event taking place at Emporium.

AIS will conduct testing of 5G through several approaches: 5G super-speed, 5G ultra-low latency with cooperative cloud robot, 5G for Industry 4.0, 5G virtual reality and 5G Fifa virtual reality.

Mr Weerawat said testing will help inspire people as they prepare their organisations to embrace the future technology.

He said 5G will help the country by upgrading the speed of data usage on enhanced mobile broadband and expanding the capacity of wireless connectivity between devices based on massive machine-type communications to support widespread adoption of the Internet of Things.

The 5G system will also improve network quality to provide fast responsiveness and reliability based on low latency communications.

The goal for the network is faster responsiveness that can pave the way for applications such as remote surgeries and self-driving vehicles.

Chakkrit Urairat, deputy director for regulator relations at True Corporation, said TrueMove plans to start 5G equipment testing in December at Iconsiam, a change from its previous location, EmQuartier.

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