AIS, Huawei forge 5G alliance

AIS, Huawei forge 5G alliance

Cooperation to develop use cases for various industries in Thailand

Mr Somchai (second left) and Mr Wu make it official at the signing ceremony for AIS and Huawei's cooperation on 5G technology and services in Thailand.
Mr Somchai (second left) and Mr Wu make it official at the signing ceremony for AIS and Huawei's cooperation on 5G technology and services in Thailand.

Advanced Info Service (AIS) has partnered with Chinese tech giant Huawei to mobilise 5G technologies and services as Thailand prepares to adopt ultra-fast internet.

The two companies recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the collaboration, which was announced in a press release on Wednesday.

According to the MoU, the framework of joint activities includes new experience-oriented services such as enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low-latency communications and enhanced machine-type communications.

The cooperation, the MoU said, will usher in technology that could cater to 5G use cases for various industries.

News of the deal came as Digital Economy and Society (DE) Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta reiterated at Wednesday's Bangkok Post Conference that 5G adoption would take place next year and that readiness for the technology would be a boon to investment in the country.

He said 5G would facilitate new technologies such as big data and cloud services.

Several Asean countries, including Malaysia and Vietnam, are moving towards 5G adoption next year. Malaysia plans to start a nationwide demonstration of 5G projects next month.

AIS chief executive Somchai Lertsutiwong said 5G technology would play a crucial role in upping people's quality of life and enhancing the country's digital economy.

"I believe that 5G is a significant opportunity to transform the next step of the country," Mr Somchai said. "The technology is an essential tool for sustainable and robust growth. The test results are beneficial for preparing for the development of the country's network to support the future."

According to Mr Somchai, the two companies have been working together, with the support of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, to test 5G technology in various dimensions, including use cases that could benefit multiple industries.

James Wu, president of Huawei Southeast Asia, said the MoU demonstrates the commitment of both companies to the future of 5G in Thailand.

"5G technology is the key to driving the ecosystems for Thailand 4.0," Mr Wu said. "Huawei commits to helping AIS develop innovative 5G network solutions and 5G use cases together."

Last week, AIS competitor True Corporation announced its own collaboration with China Mobile to pursue 5G development and network consolidation in Thailand.

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