PEA launches Solar Hero Application

PEA launches Solar Hero Application

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) has launched the PEA Solar Hero Application to support installation of a solar rooftop with digital system at its headquarters.

At the launch on 17 October 2019, the PEA demonstrated the technology and explained its "60 Years, 60 Cooperation, 60 Alms, The Endless Lighting" campaign.

Mr. Sekson Sermpong, PEA Deputy Governor for Planning and Power System Development, revealed that: "Thanks to technological advances and lower production costs, Thailand is tending to use more solar energy. People are interested in producing solar energy for their own use, both at household and industrial levels. In light of this, PEA has developed the PEA Solar Hero Application to provide a one-stop-service platform that facilitates safe, quality solar power generating systems for the general public under PEA supervision.”

The pilot project has been conducted since May in four provinces, namely Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima, Rayong, and Phuket. It has been well-received with over 8,000 downloads so far. The application allows users to initially assess the cost of solar rooftop installation and provides financial services at a special interest rate as it continues to identify interested investors.

At the launch event, PEA unveiled "60 Years, 60 Cooperation, 60 Alms, The Endless Lighting" to celebrate its 60th year anniversary through “60 Cooperation” whereby PEA is procuring investment partners among 60 government agencies, private organisations, and state-owned enterprises interested in installing solar rooftops under Private Power Purchase Agreements (Private PPAs). As for “60 Alms”, PEA supports solar rooftops installation free of charge for 60 institutions and agencies that yield significant benefits to communities and society. Conditions of “60 cooperation” and “60 Alms” are as the follows;

• “60 Cooperation” 

- The organizations/agencies must be PEA existing customer and has electricity bill of at least 1 million baht per month.

- The organizations/agencies must provide the ready-to-installed rooftop area for the minimum installed capacity of 1 MW, or around 10,000 square meters at least.

- No historical record of electricity outstanding debt.

• “60 Alms”

- The institutions/agencies must be involved with communities that are within PEA’s responsible areas.

- The institution/agencies mission is related to community or social development.

- The institution/agencies yield community or social benefit significantly.

- Offices or facilities that belongs to reputable person or group who is well-known for their virtue of providing social benefit, and able to convey the use of clean energy in the mass scale.

Those who interested in the program can apply through PEA Solar Hero Application in the promotion section, “60 Years, 60 Cooperation, 60 Alms, the Endless Lighting”.

In addition, Kasikorn Bank has launched a promotional campaign to support the PEA Solar Hero Application with special interest rate loans, product and installation fee discounts up to 40%, and free maintenance throughout the year.

The launch event included a forum promoting the use of PEA Solar Hero Application from six leading organisations, namely KASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited, Thai Digital Energy Development Company Limited, Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited, TC Renewable Energy Company Limited, and True Corporation Public Company Limited.

PEA predicts that thanks to the application, by 2020 solar rooftops will reach 26 MW of production capacity. Those interested can download the application for iOS and Android operating systems. For more information, call 0 2725 4955 or visit

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