Nine firms build network

Nine firms build network

Nine producers and importers of construction materials and equipment have joined forces to build a marketing network and share a customer base exceeding 2,000 as they aim to achieve sales growth of 25-30% next year.

Nantarat Tantiwatpanich, an assistant manager at tile maker Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co, said the company and eight other firms will share customer data with one another.

"We can introduce and pass on our customers to each other through the network we create," she said. "Credibility is significant, as construction materials and equipment have a high value."

Kenzai Ceramics and the other construction materials and home equipment firms on Wednesday launched a networking group called Connext.

Ms Nantarat said the nine members have combined sales of 3.5 billion baht a year and aim for sales growth of 25-30% in 2020.

Prasit Nopparatnapalai, managing director of DP Ceramic Co, a maker of tiles, sanitaryware and home decor, said the construction materials market remained strong this year.

"Sales growth of the members will be 10-15% this year, as our group's products are in the middle- to high-end segment where purchasing power is strong," he said.

Newin Chochaiyathip, a consultant for Zillion Innovation Co, an importer of insulation, greenery and waterproof systems, said the group's members can share information and notify each other if customers run into financial problems.

"Most cases are payment delays, sometimes as long as six months," said Hathairat Ratanasirivilai, business development director of Innovation Living Co, a subsidiary of Thai Metal Aluminium Co.

The other five members are BFM Co, a distributor of decorative materials; Far East Mable & Granite Co, a stone importer; Mazuma Thailand Co, a water filter maker; Thamada Bangkok Co, a distributor of switches and sockets; and Wintech Manufacturing Co, a joint venture of Thai and Japanese firms making doors and hardware.

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