True foresees enabler role in Asean

True foresees enabler role in Asean

Mr Ekaraj says the firm plans to expand IoT and digital solutions to other countries.
Mr Ekaraj says the firm plans to expand IoT and digital solutions to other countries.

True Digital Group wants to become a tech enabler in Asean over the next few years by providing the Internet of Things (IoT) and comprehensive digital solutions for vertical industries.

Ekaraj Panjavinin, managing director for IoT and digital solutions at True Digital Group, said the company plans to gradually expand IoT and digital solutions to other countries.

The TrueID digital content platform of True Corp has already gained ground in the Philippines and Indonesia, he said.

True Corp has strength in digital development through its convergence ecosystem, which includes a broadband network, IoT analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, as well as support from its parent Charoen Pokphand Group, Mr Ekaraj said.

True Digital Group has 120 data scientists developing digital solutions.

Last Friday, True Digital Group launched the country's first cattle monitoring solution in collaboration with Allflex, a leader in livestock innovation, as well as Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) Plc.

The cattle monitoring solution was developed by True Digital's Tech Village group, which focuses on enhancing capacity and expertise among vertical industries through innovative tech to tackle pain points.

Tech Village zeroes in on seven targeted sectors: retail, supply chain, consumer, agriculture, property, healthcare and manufacturing.

The cattle behaviour monitoring solution lets farmers keep track of the health of their livestock with a display of health-related data, ranging from mating cycles and chewing patterns to their mood.

The solution has been implemented in some CPF farms as a pilot project.

The company will formally introduce the solution to the public in early 2020 during the national dairy farming festival, Mr Ekaraj said, adding that the technology is expected to expand to dairy farms across the country in the future.

The monitoring technology will help farmers meet the proper standard of dairy production, he said.

"If the cattle monitoring solution receives a good response with market expansion, it will be launched in other countries as the next step," Mr Ekaraj said.

Jeroen van de Ven, chief operating officer of Antelliq Corporation, parent firm of Allflex, said the business and industrial sectors are facing a tough challenge adjusting to the digital era.

Farming solutions are a crucial tool for Thai farmers to cope with these challenges and increase the standard of their livestock production, Mr van de Ven said.

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