AIS profit up 4.6% in strong 2019

AIS profit up 4.6% in strong 2019

Fibre, mobile service driving revenue

Leading mobile operator Advanced Info Service (AIS) posted 31 billion baht in profit for 2019, up 4.6% from a year earlier, driven by strong revenue growth in home broadband internet and mobile services.

The company reported revenue of 183 billion baht, an 8% jump from 2018.

AIS's broadband internet business, known as AIS Fibre, raked in 5.7 billion baht in revenue, up 29% year-on-year. The number of AIS Fibre subscribers surged 42%, or 307,100, to more than 1 million.

The rise, the company said, was driven by the continued marketing campaign using a fixed/mobile convergence strategy, which saw synergy between home broadband internet, mobile services and AIS Playbox.

Mobile services took in 130 billion baht in revenue, a 4.2% year-on-year rise.

The increase of 844,600 mobile subscribers last year means that 42 million mobile numbers under AIS service have now been used by customers, the company said.

Postpaid subscriptions continued to grow, with postpaid users making up 22% of mobile customers by the end of 2019, up 20% from a year earlier.

AIS mobile subscribers used an average of 12.7 gigabytes per month, a 17% year-on-year jump.

"In 2019, AIS entered the 30th year of its operation amid a slew of changes," said chief executive Somchai Lertsutiwong. "We are committed to developing digital infrastructure, technology and other resources to ensure they are in advanced shape."

The company identified four directions for this year: strengthen network facility to cope with future expansion of usage; create a good experience for customers of every generation; level up products and service; and gravitate to sustainable development.

The AIS board on Thursday also resolved to pay a 3.56-baht dividend per share on April 22, with the first ex-dividend date on Feb 19.

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