AIS vows increased speeds of 2,400%

AIS vows increased speeds of 2,400%

Mr Pratthana says AIS intends to invest in the full spectrum of the 5G block on all frequency ranges.
Mr Pratthana says AIS intends to invest in the full spectrum of the 5G block on all frequency ranges.

Mobile leader Advanced Info Service (AIS) is promising increased speeds of 2,400% on its future 5G service network on the 2600-megahertz band over its current network capacity, after securing the largest total spectrum of 1,450MHz of bandwidth for both uploads and downloads.

The company's existing 16 million customers for 4G service, who have smartphones that can cover the 2600MHz band, will also be entitled to 400% higher speed for mobile internet when the 2600MHz network is rolled out.

AIS chief consumer business officer Pratthana Leelapanang said the company plans to launch commercial 5G mobile applications along with 5G mobile devices in the near future.

The move would deliver "real benefits" to customers rather than focusing only on ultra-high-speed mobile broadband, said Mr Pratthana.

However, he declined to elaborate on the timeline of the 5G service roll-out or what kinds of applications AIS is developing.

Following Sunday's auction, AIS has a total of 1450MHz of bandwidth, covering low, medium and high frequency bands.

AIS's bandwidth is 40% more than its No.2 rival, Mr Pratthana said.

This bandwidth should enable AIS to deliver 5G network capacity at 3,000% higher than current network capacity, which means 2,400% higher mobile broadband speed than the present capacity, he said.

"It is expected that 30 smartphone models capable of 5G service will be available in the market this year," Mr Pratthana said.

AIS has prepared a 5G Trial Zone for customers to experience the 5G network and devices at AIS shops in Siam Paragon and CentralWorld.

He said AIS has secured partnerships with major global smartphone manufacturers to provide the best 5G network experience for Thais.

"AIS intends to invest in the full spectrum of the 5G block on all frequency ranges," said Mr Pratthana.

"We have studied and strategically analysed the market, determining we should hold the most spectrum for 5G services to create excellent benefits for Thais."

Wasit Wattanasap, head of nationwide operations and the support department, said AIS holds the widest bandwidth on all three spectrum, providing the most suitable range for providing 5G services with the highest efficiency that follows global standards for 5G technology and beyond.

Citing 5G technology standards set by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, a standards organisation that develops protocols for mobile telephony, he said the 700MHz frequency range could be used at full capacity when it has full 30MHz of bandwidth.

This is the reason why AIS acquired 10MHz of bandwidth, which will be added to the existing 20MHz of bandwidth it occupied, said Mr Wasit.

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