Room for improvement in Thai digital quality of life
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Room for improvement in Thai digital quality of life

Thailand sits in Asean's lower tier, 63rd overall

Thailand ranks 63rd out of 85 countries in the digital quality of life (DQL) index based on research by privacy protection company Surfshark, trailing Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam in Asean.

The research assesses internet quality, affordability, e-security, online government services and e-infrastructure as key elements.

Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam rank 12th, 41st and 54th, respectively. Meanwhile, Thailand remains ahead of the Philippines (66th) and Indonesia (71st).

According to Surfshark, Thailand's highest index score is in internet quality. In this category, the nation ranks 47th, following Singapore but "outperforming" various Asean countries such as Malaysia (48th), Vietnam (54th), Indonesia (76th) and the Philippines (84th).

When it comes to internet affordability, Thailand ranks 51st.

"There is a room for improvement in the areas of e-infrastructure and e-government," Surfshark said, pointing to Thailand's ranking of 64th in both categories.

In terms of electronic security, Thailand ranks 52nd.

At the global level, seven of the 10 countries with the highest DQL index are in Europe, with Denmark at the top. Japan has the leading position in Asia.

The research noted the coronavirus pandemic's toll on internet stability, with 49 out of 85 surveyed countries experiencing drops in mobile and 44 in broadband speed because of the work-from-home boom.

There is high inequality in affordability, Surfshark said, as 75% of the researched countries said they have to work more than the global average to afford the internet.

According to the research, e-security, e-infrastructure and e-government have a more significant correlation with digital quality of life than GDP per capita.

"Any country's digital advancement and people's online experiences have tangible relation to its economic potential and the population's overall well-being," said Dom Dimas, head of DQL research at Surfshark.

The research said Singapore has the best-quality internet in the world, trailed by Sweden and the Netherlands.

Mobile and broadband internet is the most affordable in Israel, Canada and Azerbaijan.

Britain, France and Lithuania stand at the forefront in terms of e-security, while Singapore, Britain and the US lead in the advancement of e-government services.

Based on electronic infrastructure development, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden and Denmark topped the field.

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