BOI promotes SMART Visa
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BOI promotes SMART Visa

to attract highly-skilled manpower to Thailand.

5 types of SMART Visa for expats:

  • SMART “T” for Talent
  • SMART “I” for Investor
  • SMART “E” for Executive
  • SMART “S” for Startup
  • SMART “O” for Spouse and legitimate children of SMART Visa holders

Privileges for SMART Visa holders:

  • Maximum renewable 4-year visa
  • No work permit required for working in the endorsed companies
  • Spouse granted the right to work in Thailand with no work permit required
  • 90-day reporting to Immigration extended to 1 year
  • No re-entry permit required
  • Spouse and children granted the right to stay in Thailand as SMART Visa holder

For further information or submit application online at

Tel. +66 2209 1100 ext. 1109-1110 


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