The US “Assessment on COVID-19 Origins” Infected by the Political Virus is in No Way Credible
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The US “Assessment on COVID-19 Origins” Infected by the Political Virus is in No Way Credible

by Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand

On August 27, the US intelligence community released a so-called Summary of Assessment on COVID-19 Origins, falsely claiming the likelihood of a laboratory-associated incident by the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), and blatantly slandered China for “hindering the global investigation” and “resisting sharing information”. On the same day, the White House issued a statement, employing this mendacious “origins tracing assessment” that is infected by the political virus to smear China. China hereby expresses firm opposition and strong condemnation.

The US falsely alleges that the hypothesis of “a laboratory-associated incident” is “plausible” or “most likely” by the WIV. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially released the Joint WHO-China Study Team report in March and concluded that “introduction through a laboratory incident” in Wuhan is “extremely unlikely”.

The US falsely claims that China “hinders the global investigation”. In fact, experts from many countries of the WHO have visited the WIV twice, during which all of their visit requirements were totally met by China without any restrictions.

The US falsely claims that China is “resisting sharing information”. In fact, China proactively notified, at the earliest possible time, the WHO and relevant countries and regional organisations of the COVID-19 situation and shared the virus genome sequencing information as well as China’s anti-COVID-19 experience and practices, which provided basic support for global anti-COVID-19 endeavours.

The US clamours to gather its accomplices to pressure China. At present, more than 80 countries have expressed their support for the Joint WHO-China Study Team report by writing to the WHO Director-General, delivering statements or issuing notes verbally. More than 300 political parties, social organisations, and think tanks from more than 100 countries and regions have submitted a “Joint Statement” to the WHO Secretariat to oppose the politicization of virus origins tracing.

In retrospect, it is of no surprise that the US intelligence apparatuses has disregarded the facts and used espionage means to fabricate the false “origins assessment”. One of their masterpieces is vivid: waging a war against Iraq by waving around some test tube with “washing powder” in the UN Security Council as the “evidence” of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. And the self-confession of “We lied. We cheated. We stole,” by Mike Pompeo, the former CIA Head, still lingers.

This time, that the US has repeated its old tricks and conducted the so-called “origins assessment” is NO way to find the origin of the virus, nor can it be an investigation based on science and truth, but merely to shirk its own responsibilities for a failure to fight the pandemic and shift blame onto China. That the US government has concocted the so-called “origins assessment” through intelligence community rather than scientific institutions can by NO means draw any scientific conclusions about the origin of the virus, but will only interfere with and sabotage the international origins tracing endeavour and global anti-pandemic cooperation. At present, the pandemic is still raging globally. The world is in urgent need of solidarity and cooperation to jointly cope with this critical situation. It is extremely absurd and hazardous for the US to ignore the overall anti-pandemic endeavours concerning the lives of billions of people of all countries, and shift the blame to serve its needs for its domestic politics and international hegemony.

China always adheres to its commitment to making vaccines for the global public good, and has provided more than 800 million doses of vaccines to more than 100 countries around the world, especially developing countries. China always spares no effort to guarantee the supply of medical supplies to the world. As of mid-June, more than 290 billion masks, 3.5 billion protective gowns, and 4.5 billion test reagents have been provided globally by China. With the help of China, many virus testing laboratories have been built or are under construction in different countries. 

China always supports and will continue to participate in scientific origins tracing. On the contrary, the US itself has been keeping the door of origins tracing utterly closed. It begs the question: when could WHO experts and scientists conduct investigations at the Biobehavioral Laboratory of the University of North Carolina, where the coronavirus is being developed, and Fort Detrick, where the highly suspicious US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases is located?

Justice is in the hearts of the world people who have a clear idea. The erroneous acts of pandemic stigmatization, virus labelling, and origins tracing politicization are against peoples’ will, and the “origins tracing assessment” infected by the political virus is in NO way credible. For the health and well-being of humankind, China is willing to further deepen solidarity and cooperation with the international community to eliminate all COVID-19 and political viruses, so that the world could overcome the pandemic as soon as possible and embrace a much better future.

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