True launches smart city tech for Phuket

True launches smart city tech for Phuket

5G services designed for tourists' safety

An overview of the True 5G smart tourist journey which covers major destinations and is meant to support Phuket's tourism.
An overview of the True 5G smart tourist journey which covers major destinations and is meant to support Phuket's tourism.

Telecom operator True Corporation has joined hands with authorities in Phuket to drive the island's smart city development, taking advantage of the 5G network with a broad range of solutions.

The move is also meant to support the country's reopening to vaccinated foreign travellers.

Piroon Paireepairit, head of True's 5G working group, said the company is ready to bring the 5G network and solutions to facilitate smart tourist journeys, particularly in major destinations like Phuket, which is set to become a fully smart city.

The pilot solutions are being provided to Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket and Chalong Pier.

At Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket, 5G Robo-serve, a 5G robot, will deliver food without direct contact, allowing the robot to precisely serve food to customers' tables, avoiding the risk of staff being near to, or having direct contact with, tourists.

True Digital Smart QR Code (DGS), developed by True Digital Group, will let hotel guests order food or get room service via their own mobile phone, said Mr Piroon.

For the hotel's common area, True has joined with ZTE, a 5G technology solution provider, to install True 5G Fixed Wireless Access to enhance the speed and strength of the mobile signal.

For customers who want to get health advice from doctors, they can use True 5G x TytoCare, an innovation that combines a first-aid health inspection device. They can also directly talk with doctors from their room by using True Health, a healthcare application.

According to Mr Piroon, True has joined forces with Yakko, a tourism business management platform, to facilitate the tourist verification process with wristbands, along with self-check-in to increase speed and minimise congestion at piers such as Chalong Pier.

There is also a device to locate boats in case of emergency or to inform tourists about a meeting point location.

In addition, a smart data system helps collect tourists' information, including their travel dates, nationality, passport and photo, as well as their vaccination data and test results.

True has extended TrueMoney Wallet to shops in tourist destinations to provide a cashless service, in order to avoid physical contact throughout the trip.

"This collaboration is about enhancing the tourism industry, not only in Phuket; we are ready to support operators in business sectors in other provinces nationwide," Mr Piroon said.

Narong Wun Siew, the governor of Phuket, said the province appreciated the collaboration, which would support Phuket tourism and provide safety in order to build confidence among local and international tourists.

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