Executives back green aspiration
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Executives back green aspiration

Most executives in the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) support the state's goal to achieve a net-zero target despite any impact on their businesses, acknowledging the need to shift to environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Some 70.7% of 160 FTI executives interviewed by FTI Poll agreed with the government's announcement to aim to achieve a balance between greenhouse gas emissions and absorption within 2065.

Some 13.1% wanted authorities to set an earlier target, while 16.2% suggested the government extend the timing by 5-10 years, according to the findings.

Wirat Uanarumit, vice-chairman of the FTI, said if the government wants to achieve the goal, it should restructure energy infrastructure and make clean power widely available.

Half of the interviewees said the energy and transport sectors will play the most important roles in helping Thailand attain the net-zero goal while 29.4% said greenhouse gas reduction will be mainly driven by manufacturing processes and product usage.

Some 11.3% said waste management will spearhead the efforts, followed by 9.3% pointing to the leading role of the agricultural sector.

According to the pollster, 55% of respondents said they need to adjust themselves to seek new business opportunities, followed by 24.4% saying they have to make some adjustments and 20.6% saying they need to make considerable improvements as they will bear a direct impact.

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