AIS aiming to captivate Gen Z

AIS aiming to captivate Gen Z

Mr Pratthana says the 5G market is likely to attain fast growth from now once the supply chain of 5G chipsets and devices returns to normal.
Mr Pratthana says the 5G market is likely to attain fast growth from now once the supply chain of 5G chipsets and devices returns to normal.

Advanced Info Service (AIS), the country's biggest mobile operator by subscriber base, is gearing up efforts to gain more of the Generation Z (Gen Z) customer base for its 5G services through new promotional packages and privileges to boost long-term engagement with this young generation, which has complex needs.

AIS holds a 40% market share of 15 million Gen Z mobile users across the country, thanks to the company's mobile network coverage, which has reached 78% of the country's population. A target of 85% coverage is expected to be achieved by the end of this year.

Pratthana Leelapanang, chief consumer business officer at AIS, said the mobile service market has been changing from when 5G service was initially introduced two years ago.

"Price competition alone cannot be a long-term answer, especially for Gen Z who grow together with the digital-driven environment more intensively than other age groups," said Mr Pratthana.

Mr Pratthana said tailor-made and personalised packages would be a more critical matter for serving a variety of consumer demands.

AIS had 2.8 million 5G users as of March while there are around 5.5 million 5G users in the market.

"The 5G market is likely to attain fast growth from now once the supply chain of 5G chipsets and devices returns to the normal situation," he said.

The average price of 5G handsets in the market currently stands at 9,000 baht. The next series of 5G handsets, with more affordable prices, are expected to enter the market by this year.

To capture the Gen Z and student customer bases, AIS has launched a series of low-price plan packages via its ZEED concept, said Mr Pratthana.

The first campaign is called ZEED 5G -- a postpaid system that offers low-cost 5G for students (12-24 ages) starting from 249 baht with 10GB usage of 5G service plus 4G/3G, 349 baht with 20GB usage, and 449 baht with 40GB usage.

The second is called ZEED 5G prepaid-DIY, in which the prepaid packages allow users to view YouTube for free for up to 5GB per month, use JOOX all day, use Line with no charge for internet use, and make free calls with five phone numbers from AIS's network.

The ZEED pre-paid-DIY SIM will be launched on June 15, he said.

Additionally, there is also a range of exclusive privileges for teen lifestyles, including discounts at stores, AIS points, a lucky draw for gold worth 5 million baht, and the AIS 5G Faniverse Concert from TEAM AIS 5G.

AIS now has 20 young generation ambassadors under TEAM AIS 5G and the number is projected to rise to capture engagement with Gen Z, as teenagers are interested in influencers or friends much more than advertising, Mr Pratthana said.

"The state of competition in the telecom sector continues to be intense, while customer behaviours are transforming rapidly through a range of environmental factors, most particularly the impact of Covid-19, which has permanently altered people's lifestyles," he said.

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