Inclusive Growth Days empowered by OR

Inclusive Growth Days empowered by OR

OR reiterates its vision of ‘Empowering All toward Inclusive Growth’

PTT Oil and Retail Business PCL (OR) organised its inaugural “Inclusive Growth Days Empowered by OR” on 22-24 July 2022, at Bangkok Convention Centre, CentralWorld. The event showcased the novel directions of the company’s business practices, steering away from traditional values of profit, product sales, and shareholder returns, toward more inclusive growth alongside all stakeholders with emphasis on value matching, impact, and elevation in sustainable ways throughout the ecosystem.

The event featured inspiring talks on business, seamless mobility, lifestyles, global market trends and innovations presented by over 50 experts, 100 booths of OR products and services, startups and local entrepreneurs, Thaidet products as well as an area for business matching and mini-concerts by leading artists.

Many high-flying executives from various successful public and private organisations were welcomed to the event. Themes covered seamless mobility, electric vehicles, inclusive economy and business models, food, wellness, fashion, tourism, and sustainable solutions to social issues.

Besides the main focus of business inspiration, highlights included an exclusive popup Café Amazon serving special menus usually only available abroad, presentation of OR 2030 Goals on Living Community, Healthy Environment and Economic Prosperity as well as showcases of a variety of products and services by OR partners.

50 startup booths highlighted their products from different sectors ranging from mobility and social innovation to food & beverage, health & wellness, and lifestyle. Another 50 booths featured OR products and services as well as products under Thaidet, an OR project in collaboration with seven partners to promote and market smaller, grass-roots Thai businesses to be featured in PTT stations and Café Amazon outlets nationwide.

Ms. Jiraphon Kawswat, President and Chief Executive Officer of OR, said, “This event evidences OR’s commitment to transform into an inclusive growth platform. OR has comprehensive readiness to openly support growth alongside partners of all shapes and sizes, from micro businesses to SMEs to startups. In addition to joining forces with various partners, OR wants to serve as an intermediary to connect potential businesses together to truly become an inclusive growth platform.”

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