MA5 Bot seeks pole position in SE Asia
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MA5 Bot seeks pole position in SE Asia

MA5 Bot, an automated cryptocurrency trading platform, targets becoming Southeast Asia's No.1 player in the segment, with projected trading value of more than 9 billion baht and 6,000 additional users this year.

Chief executive Napat Sirithum said the company is ready to penetrate the domestic crypto trading market and create a community for traders to provide knowledge and exchange strategy information with investors about cryptocurrency trading.

MA5 Bot uses a crypto trading tool that deploys an algorithm program to help investors track their investments in the crypto market.

Even during a down market, it can help reduce losses and generate cash flow in the portfolio, Mr Napat said.

The company entered the global crypto trading business before moving to the domestic market, he said.

The automated trading platform has an average trading volume of US$1.5 million per day, ranking among the world's top 15 foreign cryptocurrency exchange boards last year, said Mr Napat.

"From the experience our team has accumulated over the past 10 years, we've learned most investors lose money due to a lack of discipline when they invest," he said.

"People are greedy and fearful when they reach the point where they have to make a decision. They are afraid of losing money so they wait for the price to go up, but in the end they lose money. When they reach the point of making a profit, they become greedy and wait to sell in the hopes of getting more profit, but they actually lose potential profit."

The crypto platform operates 24 hours a day, trading every day.

Investors cannot sit and monitor price movements on a screen all day, so MA5 Bot developed a trading system to solve this problem, said Mr Napat.

The system's working principle is "rebalancing" that works by calculating the value of assets on both sides (buy-sell) so investors do not fall or sell at a price that's too cheap, he said.

The service costs 2,000 baht per month.

Investors and influencers can share ideas and knowledge on the "Community Traders" page.

With nearly 4,000 users, MA5 Bot now earns tens of millions of baht from the growing attention of traders in neighbouring countries, according to Mr Napat.

He said the company is preparing to expand to Vietnam and the Philippines.

"Every investment is risky. But we have to take risks by joining hands with people who understand, have strategies and choose technology to help. Invest with the least risk," said Mr Napat.

"The automated trading system has attracted growing interest. I believe trading with robots does not involve emotions or bias, which is the best way to beat the market fluctuations."

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