AIS Fibre bullish on subscriber growth

AIS Fibre bullish on subscriber growth

New router provides 2 Gbps through LAN

Mr Thanit says the AIS Fibre subscriber base is expected to reach 2.2 million by year-end.
Mr Thanit says the AIS Fibre subscriber base is expected to reach 2.2 million by year-end.

AIS Fibre, a fixed broadband operator under Advanced Info Service (AIS) Plc, has launched the country's first high-performance router that is able to provide a speed of 2 gigabits per second (Gbps) through local area network (LAN) to cater for customer demand and improve the customer experience.

AIS Fibre aims to reach 2.2 million household subscribers by year-end, up from 1.97 million in June despite intense market competition.

Thanit Chaiyaboonthanit, acting managing director of AIS's fixed broadband department, said penetration of fixed broadband in the country increased from 51.5% or 11.5 million households in 2020 to 54.9% or 12.4 million households last year.

Penetration jumped to 58.8% or 13.8 million households as of June this year.

AIS Fibre had 1.36 million household subscribers in 2020, rising to 1.77 million in 2021 and 1.97 million in June this year.

The growth of AIS's subscriber base is around 25% per year compared with 10% on average in the market thanks to consumer confidence in its service, Mr Thanit said.

AIS Fibre on Thursday unveiled the AX5400 Port LAN 2.5 Gbps router that is able to support a speed of 2 Gbps via LAN without the requirement of additional equipment. The package costs 1,399 baht a month.

The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to work with the router to enhance the potential and capabilities of transmitting Intelligent WiFi signals which can be efficiently allocated for use appropriately for the diverse behaviours of different consumers.

This system is able to recognise the area of each home for the fastest, most powerful and best home internet connection.

"We have even incorporated AI technology to increase efficiency for customers with the first ever Intelligent WiFi home internet network," he said.

The development of innovations catering to every customer need is to upgrade the experience for AIS Fibre's customers, he said.

The company's MESH WiFi installation team will examine the space available and the most suitable position to install equipment to connect every part of the home.

The resulting signal is fast and strong, and consistently covers every corner of the house with no need for any additional cabling, putting an end to blind spots and enabling more productive home internet use than ever before, Mr Thanit said.

AIS Fibre also boosts the customer experience by providing support services around the clock, he said.

In the second quarter, AIS Fibre saw 22% revenue growth year-on-year.

Despite an annual decline of 6% in the fixed broadband industry's average revenue per user, AIS is focusing on taking broadband internet to another level with dedication and quality service teams, he said.

The engineering team is constantly monitoring customers' internet signal so they do not encounter glitches and drops in online connectivity, said Mr Thanit.

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