Govt opens BCG model exhibition

Govt opens BCG model exhibition

Showcase runs as leaders meet in city

The government on Monday launched an exhibition on Thailand's bio-circular-green (BCG) economic model to promote sustainable and inclusive growth, which will run alongside the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Leaders' Week.

The exhibition, which is located at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, will run until Saturday when the Apec summit concludes.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who officially opened the exhibition, said he welcomed the decision to hold the exhibition before urging the public to come to see the showcase.

He said the exhibition shows that Thailand is ready to become a host for the Apec summit, as well as the kingdom's commitment to pushing the BCG economic model in order to help achieve sustainable development, both nationally and regionally.

Gen Prayut said that Thailand has had various successes in addressing climate change and creating sustainable development, yet many of these achievements are not known by the public.

"I hope that this exhibition can provide tangible examples of how Thailand has been pushing this economic model forward, especially what Thais will get from this model and how it is related to the global sustainable development agenda," he said.

Gen Prayut then said many leaders will arrive in Thailand to attend the Apec summit to hash out deals that would strengthen economic recovery in the post-Covid era in a sustainable and inclusive manner, he said.

Deputy permanent secretary for foreign affairs Sarun Charoensuwan said the exhibition tells the story of the BCG model from three perspectives -- the government, the private sector, and the end product.

The first part tells the BCG story through the government's perspective, describing the implementation of this economic model in agricultural, industrial and tourism sectors through state projects which are guided by the so-called Bangkok Goals.

The second part tells the story through the private sector's eye, outlining the success stories of the private companies which have committed to sustainable growth.

The final part aims to highlight the final products made possible by the BCG model. Furthermore, it would tell the story of how Thailand volunteered itself to be the host of Expo 2028 in Phuket.

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