AIS touts growth, trust and sustainability

AIS touts growth, trust and sustainability

Strategy focuses on digital innovation

Mr Tanapong says AIS's enterprise business is growing by double digits annually.
Mr Tanapong says AIS's enterprise business is growing by double digits annually.

Advanced Info Service (AIS) is gearing up for a "growth, trust and sustainability" journey as the theme for its corporate customer business this year while the country's biggest mobile operator by subscriber base aims to ride the wave of digital transformation among enterprises following the pandemic.

According to AIS, there were 200,000 5G business connections through its network last year, up 40% from a year earlier. More than 3,000 organisations used the firm's cloud platform in 2022, an increase of 200% from 2021.

AIS has more than 70,000 enterprise network connections for mobile and internet services.

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, chief enterprise business officer of AIS, said the country has seen increasing growth of digital adoption among organistaions amid various global challenges.

"In the past three years of the pandemic, many organisations have adapted themselves to the impact of changing business context to ensure business continuity. They are open to digital technology to strengthen business transformation," said Mr Tanapong.

Many enterprises are sharpening their focus on enhancing their IT infrastructure to be more secure and efficient.

Businesses are also paying more attention to sustainable operations which are more friendly to the environment and society with good governance, said Mr Tanapong.

Cloud enterprise adoption is also surging in line with the digital adoption trend, he noted. The adoption of 5G-based devices, digital solutions and managed service platforms is also expected to gather pace to support business operations and enhance efficiency.

AIS's enterprise business grows by double digits per year, he said.

To drive towards a cognitive tech firm by 2024, AIS has invested 30 billion baht annually in digital infrastructure to deliver better usage experience for consumers and enterprises, he said.

"Growth, trust and sustainability" concept is meant to push up the firm's competitive advantages and business innovation.

Referring to growth, Mr Tanapong said the company will accelerate efforts to boost the growth of enterprises through new digital tools and enhance their agility via 5G and cloud services.

AIS will deliver services in line with customer demands, including data insight and lifestyle as a service, as well as solutions for smart manufacturing, smart cities and buildings as well as smart retail, he noted.

As for trust, AIS will support customers with intelligent networks, cloud platforms and cybersecurity which are compliant with regulations.

Regarding sustainability, AIS aims to support sustainable business with digital solutions, he said.

The firm will provide solutions that can support effective energy management and carbon reduction. Internet of Things can also be used to check wastewater real-time.

The company, he said, can respond to enterprise demand through five strategies -- connecting 5G ecosystem to enhance businesses; elevating secured network performance; supporting trusted digital infrastructure and platforms of cloud and data centre; improving digital marketing and data-driven business capability; and delivering solutions and managed services.

AIS now has 200 commercial partners that co-create digital services and platforms for the market.

The firm has a total of 1420-megahertz bandwidth on various spectrum ranges.

It had 45.7 million mobile subscribers as of September last year.

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