Illuminating the digital landscape

Illuminating the digital landscape

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In 2022, there were 255 billion new app downloads worldwide with $67 billion spent at the app store. On average, users spent five hours daily on their mobile phones – over a third of their waking hours. The mobile advertising spend was some $336 billion.

App culture has gone viral and change is the only constant. You may already have successful apps but maintaining their edge will be an on-going task. App design and development is inevitable and given the competitive situation, you’re going to need specialists such as to navigate it.  

David Kim, Managing Director, APAC,

“Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning,’s robust tools cover the full app lifecycle, ensuring that each customised mobile application meets specific needs as you go through the process of engaging, acquiring, retaining and monetizing users,” summarises David Kim, Managing Director, APAC,

“Thailand alone among developing economies sits inside the top 20 for consumer spend. In 2022, it was the world's #15 most valuable app market with a total spend of $1.086 billion out of the $167 billion globally. But app generators still need to know where people are spending their money.” 

Thai users spend 4.7 hours a day on their mobiles, with shopping, including fastest-growing ‘buy now pay later’ apps, the biggest category. In Finance, the top three sectors are personal loans, mobile banking, digital wallets & payments. In Media & Entertainment, You and Viu are the most downloaded apps and Netflix is the top video streaming search term. Short Video Streaming apps are number three for revenue, with consumer spend growing 140%, largely driven by TikTok. Gaming features role playing games like Genshin Impact, match games and Battle Royale games like Free Fire. has comprehensive downloads, revenue and engagement metrics on them all, and drills down into granular detail. Its tools map out the lay of the land and pinpoint the trends, what’s performing well and where you can acquire new users.

“We look at app store optimization, so you can see what terms people are using to search in your category and know how to tailor your app accordingly,” says Kim.’s data around advertising reveals what creatives are being used to drive ads to prompt downloads and you can see how your competitors are looking at the target market.

“We get into engagement data, like how many people are using your app and did your competitors’ app spike after a new feature was added. If you're looking to take your business into a new market or sector, our data tells you how easy or hard breaking in is likely to be.”

To increase the propensity to purchase, sets you up with the signals. Subscription businesses such as dating apps are supported with the essential intelligence needed to grow the user base. 

The mobile phone has changed the way the world communicates, and with it, our lives. The mobile strategy landscape has evolved dramatically in just a few years – and while it might be easy to get lost in all of the noise, helps you stay abreast of what matters most and gives you the data-driven insights you need to make the most informed decisions.

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