LUMA offers access to superior healthcare via Hi5 Health Insurance plans, in partnership with Samitivej Hospital

LUMA offers access to superior healthcare via Hi5 Health Insurance plans, in partnership with Samitivej Hospital

LUMA is an international leading insurance specialist offering health and travel insurance solutions to individuals, families and businesses in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

With over a decade of experience and an expert in-house medical team, Luma is dedicated to developing innovative insurance solutions that cater to the unique needs of their members.

With LUMA Hi5 Health Insurance Plans, members benefit from a comprehensive medical protection of up to 5 million baht per year covering chronic illnesses, critical illnesses but also accidents and emergency medical services worldwide. Additionally, Hi5 provides “paid in full" coverage for major medical bills such as ICU, surgery, and cancer treatment.

Dr. Gerard Lalande, Chief Medical Officer at LUMA said “We understand that ethical healthcare is not always a given but at LUMA we strive to offer healthcare that is easy, accessible and above all ethical. This is why we have designed Hi5 plans: to offer quality healthcare that is affordable and compassionate.”

To ensure that LUMA members receive comprehensive medical care, LUMA joined forces with Samitivej Hospitals. “We specifically chose to partner with Samitivej - a renowned healthcare provider in Thailand - which quality of care we trust.” added Dr. Lalande.

All Hi5 plans provide annual medical coverage of up to 5 million baht per year. The plans only differ in the daily room coverage, which starts at 5,000 baht cover per day and includes the costs of the inpatient room, service fees and meal - nursing fees are fully covered.

Thanks to the partnership between LUMA and Samitivej, Hi5 members are guaranteed no out-of-pocket payments for a standard room at either Samitivej Hospital Sukhumvit or Samitivej Hospital Srinakarin, even if the standard inpatient room at Samitivej Sukhumvit costs more than 7,000 baht per day.

Hi5 policyholders can take advantage of full access to Samitivej's standard room and board rates, regardless of the Hi5 health insurance plan they choose.

More about Hi5 Health Insurance:

Hi5 offers personalized insurance packages to accommodate diverse lifestyles and can be used internationally as per the selected coverage. Applicants can choose from a basic inpatient plan to a more extensive protection that includes outpatient visits. Options for Dental, Maternity and Vision benefits can also be added to complete the coverage.

A full range of deductibles is available to reduce the annual premium by up to 45% and make access to quality healthcare even more affordable. On top of that, family discounts apply when joining with a loved one under the same policy.

Eligibility to Hi5 Health Insurance:

  • Application up to 70 years old.
  • Renewable until 99 years old.
  • No restriction on nationality but must reside in Thailand for at least 180 days per year.
  • Some occupations are not accepted by the insurer. Terms and conditions apply, contact LUMA for more details.

LUMA offers comprehensive and affordable health insurance that guarantees a stress-free experience. For a personalized consultation to identify the most suitable health insurance plan, please contact LUMA at or call 02-494-3600.

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