Thailand a top digital nomad destination

Thailand a top digital nomad destination

Country ranks third behind US and Spain based on analysis of Instagram posts

Tourists relax at Sunset Hill Resort on Koh Phangan in southern Surat Thani province. (Photo supplied/Dusida Worrachaddejchai)
Tourists relax at Sunset Hill Resort on Koh Phangan in southern Surat Thani province. (Photo supplied/Dusida Worrachaddejchai)

Thailand is the third-best destination in the world for attracting digital nomads after the United States and Spain, according to the online resume building service said in a blog post that it reached its conclusion after extracting 25,976 Instagram posts that featured the hashtag #digitalnomad and used geotagged locations to determine the most popular countries and cities. It pre-processed the dataset to ensure no spam accounts or bots were included in the sample.

The top 10 nations in terms of #digitalnomad posts as of May 2023 are:

  • United States 210,664
  • Spain 125,038
  • Thailand 124,729
  • Mexico 102,627
  • France 94,590
  • Indonesia 91,963
  • Portugal 82,998
  • Italy 49,304
  • United Kingdom 48,068
  • India 45,286.

Roughly 40 countries now offer variations on a digital nomad visa, and most have dropped their pandemic-era entry restrictions.

The study also ranked regions. For Asia and Oceania, Thailand dominated the digital nomad landscape, serving as a favourite docking point.

Bangkok takes the crown as the top destination in Asia and Oceania for digital nomads, with an estimated 20,247 #digitalnomad Instagram posts.

The Thai capital has the second-most #digitalnomad posts in the world, while Chiang Mai, Koh Phangan and Krabi also make the top 10 in Asia.

Chiang Mai is known for its fine co-working spaces, while Krabi is more picturesque and offers easy access to some of the country’s best beaches. Koh Phangan features both unspoiled natural beauty and numerous working spots for nomads.

The study found London has the most vibrant digital nomad Instagram community in Europe and the world, while New York City is the digital nomad capital of the US and North America.

The Argentinian capital Buenos Aires is the most popular destination for digital nomads in South America, while Cape Town is Africa’s capital of remote work. Cape Town has more than twice the digital nomad activity on Instagram as any other African destination.

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